Disclaimer: I Am a Supporter of Tolerance and Freewill

Strong sexual polarization for mating purposes is the inter-connective principle in the universe; it intensifies attraction and joining at the level of body. Humans are more than bodies however, we have souls (meta-cognition and freewill). The bible's message is to direct us toward that soul and not to determine our sexual orientation as physical beings. The male and female energies of the soul are losing there polarization because we are evolving and they must combine to allow our divine nature to manifest itself in our culture and society. The lines however, between body and soul have been all but rubbed out because of the ignorance of men. There is great confusion in the world because of the differences between bodily law and the physics of the soul. Gender identity (physical body) and sexual orientation (faculty of mind/soul) are completely unrelated. Intolerance will not help the confusion it will make it worse.

If you accept the word of any book over your own heart you are a fool and you will miss the kingdom that is at hand. If you deem one man unworthy of Gods love you have judged yourself and your ignorance will stand over against you at the gate to eternity with a flaming sword (both literally and figuratively).

There is only one truth and any arguments that arise are because of a misunderstanding of these laws. When you arrive at a misunderstanding it is wise to withdraw from argument and focus more on other teachings of your doctrine, like those of tolerance, forgiveness, humility, and loving your enemies. Rather than pull the mulch from your enemies eye learn to pull the beam from your own. This message is clothed in the mantle of truth and any resistance that arises is a mirror of your own inequity or a misunderstanding of what is being said. Know thyself.

The body is the "expression" of human creativity and the human soul. Every living being has the right to express themselves however they wish as long as it doesn't bring harm to another. Feel free to judge others if that is how you choose to express yourself but know that your critical assessments only harm yourself in the end.

"Religion tells us how to go to heaven not how the heavens go."

P.S. In case the message isn't clear, I am a supporter of gay rights. ;)

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yes your right but i m losing my hope and really feel alone and don't know what to do

My experience is limited in matters of the heart so I am somewhat at a loss as to what to say. I know that there are archetypal forces at work on human beings that cannot be expressed through the narrow system of role models and beliefs society has overlayed onto sexuality. Sexuality should be free and expressive. When we conform to societies preconceived notions we harden our ego and its much like a baseball mitt being used to catch a falling star. It burns us out and we become deeply removed and depressed. The power of the archetypal plane (energies of the soul) is meant to pass through us not get caught in our static mundane systems of belief and pin us motionless. I find it useful to remember there is always a third choice. When faced with choosing the lesser of two evils, I will choose neither. I had difficultly balancing my own soul energy and choose to withdraw from the game completely until further notice by taking a kind of vow of chastity. I withdraw my energy from the world and now direct it upward toward my soul to heal. In this way I can let all the energy of the higher worlds pass though me without allowing them to become grounded out by lower base desire and passions. Again this may seem naive but its all I have to offer, we all have to learn to be our own light, I hope you fare well.