LESBIAN Refused At the Usa Border

My wife and i was traveling to different country then back to the USA to stay together cause we didn't have enough money to apply for migration for her. Plus i can't sponsor my wife cause the USA does not except same sex marriages even know we are legally married for two years we went to Canada to do that. The reason she was refused entry into the USA was because she traveled to many times to the USA. Asked me what do i pick in small to many words my country or my wife.I picked my beautiful little Ozzy wife. So now we are in a country not knowing anyone broke living day by day but we have each other so please understand what we want is to live in the USA with family live like everyone else. Where we choose. The USA basically told me i being American cant come back with wife when they refused her they refused me so please support gay rights we feel we love just like everyone else we are all human thank you for taking the time to read this if you can do anything to help please email me at ashleymylisa@yahoo.com

ashmel ashmel
Aug 1, 2008