...but Not "gay Marriage"

Don't get me wrong. I believe 100% that gays should have all of the rights of a heterosexual couple. But I also believe that Marriage is a unity by God. That's why they're done in Churches and the words the Pastor would say always had God in it. As a Christian I don't believe God supports gays, but I also don't think he smites them. I'm perfectly fine with having some sort of union with a life partner that gives me all the rights a married couple has.
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“Do not press me to leave you or to turn back from following you! Where you go, I will go; where you lodge I will lodge; your people shall be my people, and your God my God. Where you die, I will die — there will I be buried. May the Lord do thus and so to me, and more as well, if even death parts me from you!” (Ruth 1:16-17)

These words are widely used in marriage ceremonies to this day. Guess what? They were spoken to Naomi, another woman, by Ruth. Bet a lot of you didn't know that.

Although I respect your right to your opinion and beliefs I can't say I agree. With them. As has been pointed out by others your argument could be used to deny much larger groups of people the right to marriage. Shall we for example revoke the marriage licenses of Atheists and agnostics, or Hindus...etc. The list could get very long. And the thing of it is legalizing marriage equality does not put a gun to a priest's head and force Christian churches to perform marriages. Catholic churches are not required to marry Jews so why is there any reason to believe they would be forced to marry gays? The point is kind of like the pro choice philosophy. Being pro choice does not necessarily mean you agree with abortion it just means you don't believe your personal beliefs should be imposed on an entire population. Also civil unions are not legally the same and likely will never be for purely practical reasons. To create two words for the same thing in the law would require rewriting thousands of laws whereas legalizing same sex marriage would only require changing a handful of laws at most.

Well, why would God create homosexuals if he didn't consider them equal to everyone else?

As one of my best friends once told me, it's a way for God to challenge me. I'm suppose to fight the urge and get closer to God and then the urges will go away. Well, naturally I didn't quite agree with her, but I did struggle with it for a while. God created murderers you could say also, and rapists and so on. Or, if you believe something happens in those criminals lives to make them that way vs gays are born that way, then that earlier statement isn't quite on par. We could question why God does stuff all day but we'll never know the answer. We can only trudge forward and make the best out of our lives the way we see fit.

I'm going to explain this in the best way possible. To suspend someone's religious rights and their legal rights should be on the basis of two different things. There's nothing I can think of that should suspend people from getting married to whoever they want to. If you want to marry a rapist or murderers, then more power to you. And if the rapist or murderer wants to get married, who are we to stop them? The only people directly affected are the two interlopers.

But marriage is founded on religious grounds. Sure, you can get married with different variations, but its roots remained grounded in the concept of spiritual bonding.

But am I for taking away the LEGAL rights of killers and rapists, you bet I am. This is why Church and state should remain separate. A lot less room for confusion and a much smaller chance of me babbling like I have no idea what my own thoughts even are. Should someone be incarcerated for being a danger to society? Yes. Should a rapist have to roam around a neighborhood admitting he's a sex offender before moving in so any of his potential neighbors can decide whether or not they want him living there with them? Absolutely.

What I'm getting at is there no circumstances under which someone should have to give up there human and religious rights. But legal rights are a different story. And no, I don't think homosexuals should have to be locked up. Even though God ostensibly created everyone; gays, sociopaths, murderers and all, we should be able to differentiate their characters and the rights they deserve.

Am I making myself clear here?

"I'm suppose to fight the urge and get closer to God and then the urges will go away."
I hope you don't actually believe that will work.
...I want to mention something. To have sex with someone who is merely doing so out of duty becomes very demoralizing very fast.
If you marry a man who loves you and wants to have full, passionate, emotionally-charged sex with you...I'm afraid you're going to hurt him badly.
Despite not meaning to hurt him.

Guys calm down, particularly @indigofem1, who's once again taking what I am saying and going crazy with it, I merely said my religious friend told me this. Not that I am saying that is what we should all do or that it is even what I am doing (because it is not.)

"So, let me get this...you, a lesbian, want or think you should repress your feelings for other women, right?"

Setting you straight:

"As one of my best friends once told me, it's a way for God to challenge me. I'm suppose to fight the urge and get closer to God and then the urges will go away. Well, naturally I didn't quite agree with her, but I did struggle with it for a while."

Note where I said my best friend once told me and where I said naturally I didn't quite agree.

Now onto Discard who's the only one reading my posts, but also going too far with it. Yes, you're very clear. I 100% agree with everything you stated. I merely don't like the term "Marriage" to be used for a gay couple uniting and thusly I choose not use it, but I will not hate on any couple who does.

Ugh. Forget it.

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We allow atheists to get married. Not to mention all of the other religions in the U.S. So saying being gay isn't christian and that's why they shouldn't be allowed to get married is just silly. The fact is, there's lots of people that Christian's consider "sinners" that are allowed to get married. Hell, even serial killers are given that right. Convicted serial killers are allowed to get married. But we won't allow decent people to get married just because it's same sex? We're treating gay people worse than ANY OTHER PERSON in the WORLD. How can you not see what's wrong with that? Not to mention the fact that there is separation of church & state. Marriage is a LEGAL matter, as proclaimed by the STATE. Religion doesn't have to come into it unless you want it too. Christians do not have a monopoly on marriage. Not to mention that whatever a person does is between them and God. Not between them and you. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Remember that guy who said that? What was his name again? Oh yeah, it was Jesus.

Now hey, you shouldn't equate Catholicism with all Christians. Many Christians despise Catholicism for how they've mangled the faith.

Also, you shouldn't assume that all Priests molest children. That's just as ignorant as when Christian's say all Gay's molest children.

@WhateverFace You provide a very strong point about other sinners having all the rights to Marry vs why not gays? I mean, you're right, they're both equally sinners. Even if you're not a criminal you've got some sort of sin going on that will be judged. Doesn't mean I'm happy for that rapist there who just married. Quite frankly I'm disgusted with all the fake love of celebrity marriages. I'd be more happy to see a gay couple who loves each other get married than a a marriage that someone is using the other for personal gain. Honestly I think that in general the act of getting married is so watered down and is abused.

You're right, what a person does is between God and them, not between me and them. What I do is between God and I. And as stated in my story, I know God doesn't support gays. So between God and I, I choose not to use the word "married" when I union with my partner. That decision is between God and I, not all these people freaking out and me.

Yes, and you have the right to call your marriage (or anyones) whatever you want, that's free speech at work. But when it comes to American laws, marriage is only one thing and there is no good reason to change that. And as a matter of basic human respect, of freedom and personal rights, it should be made avialable to all people, no matter their sin, because (as you just said) everyone has sin, just some greater than others. And you don't have to be happy about it, but again, it would be wrong for you to interfere. It just isn't your place.

After all, nobody is forcing Gay people to go out and get married. It's not really ABOUT the marriage, after all, according to the bible if you live together as man and wife, you're married in Gods eyes. That's all it takes. Technically, the LAW can't prevent anyone from getting married in Gods eyes. This is a purely political matter, it's about the fact that the law preventing a certain type of people from getting married is discriminatory, an abuse of power and wrong.

@indigofem I think it is very unfortunate that your domestic partnership is not the same as a Marriage and that you do not have the same rights as a married couple. I am not saying gays should only get domestic partnerships, not married. What I AM saying, and I cannot stress this enough, is that gays SHOULD have ALL the SAME rights as a marriage, be it called a domestic partnership or WHATEVER is available. What I am saying, if the government never legalized gay marriage (which some places it is not) then they should at LEAST legalize all the same rights and call it something else, a Union or whatever, I don't care. It is fine that states are legalizing marriages, I personally, just don't like the term used.

Lucky for you you have still not met a homophobic lesbian. You are simply taking ALL THAT I AM SAYING out of proportion lol.

I simply. Do not. Care for. The term. MARRIAGE to be used when referring to a gay couple uniting for life. You go ahead and use it, power to you. I will not. That is all. Got it?

@WhateverFace I'm not trying to interfere with anyone. I simply personally disagree with the term Marriage being used for something God doesn't like. I'm not trying to prevent anyone from getting married. Go out and get married I'm sincerely proud of any gay couple that does.

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well it seems to me like you are expecting people to live by a double standard. we can be gay and do all of the things that straight people do, but we cant marry? WTF? you joined the group saying you support gay rights. if that is what you truly believe then the idea of a gay marriage should be no different. marriage is a sacred bond between two people that love each other enough to devote the rest of their lives to each other. if that love is strong enough then there should be nothing to stand in the way of that union. so i have a request. if after reading this, you still feel the same then you should leave this group. because you clearly cant be true to it if you do not support ALL gay rights.

Marriage is a word. Are you going to cry over not being able to use the word? I believe in Gay rights but not Gay Marriage because of religious reasons. Respect that.

Gay rights are important because gay couples should most certainly be treated just the same as hetero couples. Rights are being able to visit your gay partner in the hospital or other benefits that do come with being married. Marriage is a bond received from God. Why are we asking God to bless us?? Do Catholics go to a Jewish church and asked them to Marry their couples? Do Catholics have their children do a Bar Mitzvah? Nope. Maybe not the strongest point for gays that are religious, who do go to church where people get married, but still. God welcomes us to know him, but I'm not going to extort anything from him.

i will excuse your disrespect. no i wont CRY over it. it is clear that there is no getting through to you because of your strong beliefs. as for myself ive been exposed to the religious side of things and i believe that GOD, if there is one, as so stated in the bible loves all of its children. i refuse to believe that GOD would truly be so cruel to punish any of them by putting them into a pit of fire for an eternity for not being true to the bibles teachings. after all, it would take a rare kind of person to do something like that to their own child. would you do it to yours? surely not. one thing you must understand is that everyone has their own beliefs and differences. the right for a gay couple to be married should be no different. marriage is not just a word. try telling that to your spouse and see how they react. oh honey since we're "married" im going out to sleep with this other guy tonight, ok. now do you see the point im trying to make?

No I never said I think God will punish those who don't follow whats in the Bible so you can get off that crazy tengent.

Did you mean to say 'not "married"'? Cuz if so no I do not see the point you are trying to make. Do you cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend simply because you are not married? No, you are in a bond that you are loyal to. Having a union with someone else is the same, the same type of bond as a marriage even.

My spouse, like the spouse of any married or non-married couple, will share my beliefs and interests. Maybe they will believe in gay marriage. And that's ok. We will respect each others opinions and work something out. That's how life-long partners, married or otherwise, do it.

no i dont cheat. never have. the point i was trying to make is that marriage is not just a word. i was hoping that wouldve been clear. i was mistaken. i can see it will take much more to get that through to you. i really dont know if i have patience for that but i will try. i share the same belief that if youre with someone then you are more or less married except that if things go south, you can always bail out before the plane crashes. in a marriage it wouldnt be quite so simple. so you see, marriage is NOT just a word and your support of gay rights should not be conditional. meaning you shouldnt say you are a supporter if you dont support each and every aspect of it regardless of your personal beliefs

You don't need to get anything through to me. As I don't care to change your mind. I shared my opinion and you shared yours. We all have our rights to them.

If in a marriage it is not quite so simple to bail out if things go south then nor is it so simple to bail out of a Union. As I said, same rights, same benefits, same course of action. Only difference is, I don't call it a Marriage (use of the word) because I don't believe God has bound me.

Just because I choose not to support the word, doesn't mean I'll go around downing anyone who does. I'll be all happy for the same-sex couple who tells me they're married, because that is what makes them happy and I'm happy for them. I will not, however, myself claim that God has bound me to my partner.

Problem is almost all of your replies on here are immature and annoying. I do respect your opinion. Go get married to your partner, I'm very happy for you. I myself will choose not to use the word.

Ok? I wasn't trying to tell you to go get married. I'm just saying I am not at all in any way shape or form against you, a girl, marrying your female partner. I am well aware that Unions do not give the same rights as a marriage. I simply think they should.

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Gay Marriage ????? oh hell no, next there will be interracial marriages and women will be able to vote. When they wrote "all men created equal" just a figure of speech. Right ???? And the separation of church and state??????

amen brother

Either I'm not getting the joke or trololol

no dear you are not getting it. It is no joke. just think back how may years ago it was against the law to let an African American vote. or for women to vote. These laws were set up to deny groups rights that others have. The fact that gay americans would like to wed and have the SAME rights has not a thing to do with anyone else's marriage or their religious outlook. But you cannot believe in gay rights with exceptions.

Oh good, a mature response this time.

I totally agree that everyone should have the SAME rights no matter their religious outlook. But why do they have to use a religious word? A religious ceremony? Not that having a ceremony to bind two people that love each other would automatically be making it religious, but, calling it a marriage is what I am getting at. Marriage, by definition is a binding from God. Unfortunately the definition is dwindling right before our eyes.

It's not an exception. If your mother gives you a recipe and you change it up a little but still call it whatever special name she gave it when you serve it to her at the dinner table, she wouldn't be too flattered. Best comparison I can come up with.

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Marriage was actually created to bind one woman to a man. And that man was free to gain other wives. It wasn't about commitment or love or passion. It was simply property.