Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends And Gay Women Will Never Truly Love You.

Gay men today lay down more effort on their appearens than straight men. (This is purely a personal impression, not scientific for one second). But still though, do we really want to convert the guys that will become the greatest threat of our chanses meeting that perfect girl? Let the gay guys be gay for **** sake! beeing homophobic is to gamble your chanses of getting laid/having a girlfriend. What a twist, huh?
People are always going to be gay, this is just how it is, and anyone against this harmless sexuality knows this. So either we do something about it!!! yeah let's... do, something... what exactly? Protesting! killing! etc. well than we're going to live in a humanity full of hate in all eternity! yay!!!
We can also accept it and look at it for what it is, an individual discovering her/himself, listening to their own body and respecting themselves.

Ofcourse i havent forgot about lesbians. And to make a girl like like your own gender (I assume that the majority of homofobes are guys) is about as wrong to me as rape, abusing a girls love is only sadistic and psychopatic!

The plot of this text is something like this:
Every homophobe wants to dilute their chances with girls. And live in a world of hatred for all eternity. Good thinking, not retrogressive at all!
Axelcool Axelcool
18-21, M
Jan 15, 2013