How Can There Be So Much Hatred In People?

Yesterday the activists of the gay community organized a meeting in the city center to fight for their rights and against the bill "Against the propaganda of homosexuality".
There were about 10 of these brave gay activists, who literally risked their lives just standing there with their posters, and they were attacked by the crowd of about 100-150 homofobes. These were no people, these were beast, dull, ignorant and fierce. And reading the posts on facebook I come to realize that there are thousands of people full of hatred who are ready to tear gays to pieces if they meet them on the street.
Someone proposed "Let's take photos of each of these faggots and hang their pictures on the streets so that our country knew our freaks", another replied "I'll beat them till I'm alive" and so on.
And I'm sure that the situation isn't going to improve. They'll approve the homophobic bill and they'll start to fine people for even saying the word "homosexual". Because can you draw the borders of this "propaganda" thing? It can be interpreted whichever you like.
The activists will fight and they'll be defeated all the time because even my generation (I'm 22) isn't all tolerant and flexible, my co-workers aged 25 said that homosexuality is a decease.
So when I'm told that I'm pessimistic I just can't come up with a reason why I can think the other way round.
thepictureofmylife thepictureofmylife
22-25, F
Jan 21, 2013