It Does NOT Matter, To What A Person'S Orientation Is.To Attain The Greatness Of Equality!

I was given, re-assignment surgery, when I was a 3yrs old little girl. In 1965. All for my dad to carry on his family name.
Through absolute taranical upbringing, by his hand. A a surgen,I guess he figured, he got all the girl out of me.That jerk used to tease me, saying, "all I left you was your two pinky fingers. He fogot, to change my female brain. That family had, adopted me.
I am to what's known as, a genetically enhanced human being. That family, tried to convince me I was hetero. When in their, eyes, I came, out. They looked so relieved,that there own deep seeded prejudice, towards us all. Was finally slightly relieved.
I looked at them, after they said, "ohh it's good you are out,"
and said, " I always was, I just never told any of you." It is times like this. We never seem to have a camara handy, lmfao...
I have risen above them all.
Being the Ambassador Admaril of the USA's 4 Armed Forces.
I live in canada, as I was raised here. I am a twin citezen now.
I like how we LGBT's, are being recognised as being equals, as most, born LGBT, have no choice, in grand design of birth. I didn't have a choice, either.
Kind'a wild my LGBT family, as you are all, the only family I have, now. :)
That the most powerful person in America, and arguebly the world,
is GAY. Just to let the world know,I am totally intollerent to countries who condem people, who are LGBT...
"Wobittie the person who condems me,I will destroy thier country."
Now thats to what every1 would think..typical hetro's closed mind thinkng...ohh well, I hate to burst the worlds bubble...If you can't change your minds about all my LGBT family everywhere in the world...I won't let your country into the new world order...As its already here, and has been in place, for quite some time.I have been at this job,for 21yrs.
The saving grace for the world at large, is that I am Gay. Our compassion for life,and love...Is the same as a the hetero's...Just no hetero, has done anything like this Gay man has done...why? 'Cause I give a d*mm about life. Why can't all of you?
Reality time: I can cut down any1 on the planet. Some countries will not be around, in the not so distant future...if they don't change their minds about LGBT's...
I AM PURE GAY....By a hetero's surgen's hands....I CAN BE PURE EVIL.
I just choose not to be, for now...How versatile, of me.
DialbosGaySon DialbosGaySon
46-50, M
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