were could society be heading

many people today truly believe that being homosexual is unnatural, that it is a choice. I have come to accept that homosexuals did not choose to be attracted to the same sex. of course we know that its becoming more accepted these days because they are both consenting adults, and that they should do what they will.
so therefore, homosexuality is accepted because:
1. the people are born attracted to the same sex
2. the people who commit the act are both consenting

so lets take on societies argument of beastliness. Many people who like animals do not choose to like animals, they are also born having sexual attractions to animals, similar to the way a man is born attracted to women, or the way he can be born attracted to men. of course many gay-rights activists would agree on the matter of ********** saying that an animal isn't smart enough to consent so it'll be considered rape.

but let me give you a hypothetical. say if a woman openly consents to bending over, and then after which a dog (on its own) jumps on top of her and has sex with her. I know this is disgusting but it does happen! I've seen things on the internet my eyes cant take back. in this scenario both the dog and the women are consenting to the act.

so hypothetically if society were to accept homosexuality as something that's moral on the grounds that they are:
1. Born with the attraction and
2. consenting
then doesn't that also mean in the scenario when an animal and a human consent to sex will then also be accepted on the very same grounds? as shown in the example given above.

think about it. id love to hear you're opinion on this. please do not thinking I'm doing this out of hate, instead please explain how you would respond to this accusation as I am very open minded and I will switch sides if some one can explain why homosexuality and beastliness would be different in the scenarios i have provided.

thank you
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I think its wrong to mix species as far as sex if we break all molds that give us boundaries we'll become animals so learning to not cross certain lines is vital. Someone could say the same thing about a ********* they can't help their wants and many of them are very manipulative so a lot have "consent" from children who have no concept of that situation we all have to draw a line somewhere.

but to me it feels like that "line" is getting pushed more and more outward as society develops and people are losing there self control and justifying there behaviours by saying they are "born that way" or that it feels good.

I completely agree that an increasing group of individuals are pushing our social boundaries I just hope that the rest of society can stop them from breaking all moral molds.

thanks for your reply

I have never heard of such a situation before. I would believe that if one accepts gay relationships, that one should technically accept ********** as well. The be honest there is a bigger taboo on ********** than homosexuality. In my opinion, I accept everyone, so one could **** a fire hydrant for all I care. However, that said, one might not like being compared to ******* relations, but that's for another day. Hope that helped! : )

it did well said