Of Course!

is an explanation required?

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yep--europe's definately more evolved in this department!

But now I'm with a man -- I've made my choice there...

so do you think you're bisexual?

Yes homosexuals do seem to need explanations for having rights. Politically in my country, anyhow. I think Europe is perhaps ahead of us in this. I do wish for equal rights for any sexual persuasion.

And I mean beautiful inside AND out! I admired her greatly. It was more than a crush, it was real love. But I couldn't bring myself to tell her, as she was engaged and is now married.

I certainly do! I've known lots of people of bisexual or gay persuasion, and have myself thought I was bisexual at one time (had a crush on a girl, so beautiful she was, blush, smile)!

lol!! geez..i'm the one who said that and i still forgot. oops.


explanation for homosexuals having rights.

what shouldn't be required..?

it shouldn't be required, but unfortunately for some people it is.

lol--agreed! more power to 'em.<br />

I fully support allowing any gender to be miserable in marriage(or civil union), That was cute, the miserable in marriage part.

I grew up lesbian and as I got older realized I could fall in love with either gender. I fully support allowing any gender to be miserable in marriage(or civil union),realationship with the rights of healthcare,survivorship/benificiary,parenting and tax breaks just like straights.

...Nope :) No explanation required.