Who Wouldn't?

I'm not gay nor have any gay friends but I still support gay rights. They are people just like you and me and they deserve the same rights as all of us. I don't understand why anyone wouldn't support gay rights. The only thing I can come up with is that person is a fascist. I bet if every person who didn't support gays made a gay friend we would all come to accept gays.

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I am not gay but I have many gay friends, male and female, and they are no different than me, they hurt the same and they live and love the same. We are are all equally in the fight to live our life the way we should be able to live it in with the same rights that should be available to us all but are not, gay or straight!

I think Gay is the MOST worst thing in kife as it is overcoming the laws made by god...... <br />
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Imagine that if everyone of us become a gay then the genesis term has to be deleted from the dictionary<br />
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Gays are the results of frustration and sickness<br />
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No offence to anyone please dont take it personally

In that way...people with sexual problems, or women who have had their ovaries removed due to cancer...would you also treat them as anomalies

Lol I made an account here just to personally tell you to go die and rot in hello

Personally, I think the whole "gay rights" thing is silly. <br />
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Simply put; Ones sexual preference does not determine who they are as an individual. Of course, not everyone thinks this way.

As to their marriage become legal,it's just a matter of time.Just as how I expect the continuation of the film 'The fast food nation",I'wait and see that day to come!

This is an excerpt of my essay(although this story didn't happened on me and it's what learned from TVshow)<br />
Still not convinced?Think about our personal lives,as that may be not only the best way for me to interpret my point but also the the easiest way for us to acquire a experience-based insight on this issue.We hate to admit yet still in fact that masses of queers go to the same school and receive the same education with us yet harbor a distinct perspective when it comes to love.I have a homesexual friend before,who is into girls though she seemingly shouldn’t have herself to blame but the Girl’s college to blame.As time went on,she developed an affair with her roommate,which was discovered by others and somehow they made it public.What she decided to do is to walk away having in mind the delusion that abstaining from the not-into-style habit is going to leave her alone.Whereas, things won’t end this way.Same old story repeated in her new school.It was not until I summoned the courage to tell her it’s always OK to be herself that she started to feel free to date her girlfriend in public and ultimately gained a undistorted view on homesexuality.Moreover,to our astonishment,it didn’t take a long time for people to accept and even admire her somehow.

About "marriage" being a biblical partnership... That's not entirely correct these days. My mother and my step-dad are married and they are not religious. Atheists can get married... people who've committed other "sins" can get married... Why not people who just happen to be in a relationship with someone of the same sex? Seems a bit hypocritical to me. I mean, even murderers can get "married"<br />
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And it is no one's place to tell anyone who they can love. As long as everyone involves is a consenting adult, it is no one's business but their's

I don't see any problem with gay or lebian people getting married and anyway, it's legal now over here in Scotland.

thinking ive missed something here....but anyway....It is a very touchy subject to many.<br />
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Me...I just think it isnt my place to tell anyone who they can love. That is God's <br />
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I believe they should have the ability to form a legal partnership. Not marry...I beleive that is a biblical union. But, with a legal partnership, sure

Well said, all of you!

Not to be judgmental, well, Ok I guess to BE judgmental, if you can't support it I don't want to hear from you. Period.

Well said, indeed.

Well said.

Well said.