I Believe Gays Should Have the Same Rights

 I have always hated the way gay and lesbian people in this world are treated, ever since I was a little girl....I can't stand it. It's always seemed to me that we as humans are always frightened of what we don't understand, so instead of trying to embrace something that's different, or trying to accept it, we instead try to destroy it. That's what some of the people in this world are trying to do to gays and lesbians, and it makes me sick, because they are human beings, too. And what is the first thing these sick people will do when confronted with their idiotic beliefs? They will pull out their trusty Bible and quote some scripture, twisting the meaning around to suit their sick views, then go and tell some poor young kid that he/she is going to burn in hell for being homosexual. YEAH RIGHT. Why don't you give me a damned break already? Does anyone stop to consider that these people were just born that way? And why does anyone care? I mean, it's just their sexuality, for God's sake. It's not like when I first meet a person on the street, and that I shake their hand and say, "Nice to meet you", that I'm thinking, "Are they gay or straight?" I mean, are you ever? Would you care? I doubt it!! And what is the deal about not letting gays and lesbians get married? And why the hell not? From what I've heard, some of the reasoning behind it is this: it's that it goes against the Christian institution of marriage, or what the hell ever. Like, if two gay men or two gay women marry, then the sacred vows that I took when I got married aren't the same anymore, because marriage is a sacred institution between a man and a woman. THAT IS A BUNCH OF ****! No one can change what my marriage means to me! No one can devalue the sacred institution of my marriage, not ever! So what is the difference if two men or two women get married? They should be able to commit to someone and have that joy in their lives just like anyone else in this world, and have a family, too! It should be their God-given right as a human being! And speaking of God, I believe that God makes everyone for a reason. There wouldn't be gays and lesbians if God didn't want there to be, there just wouldn't. God doesn't make mistakes.


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See!!! People are starting to come around! (I'm not saying anyting bad about you guys, there, DownUnder69 & bakerchick!) <br />
It's just when I see those kinds of attitudes finally reflected back at me, I am so proud! I finally feel like I can hold my head up as a human being, you know?

So true bakerchick, and they are revised, whenever the definition of a word changes. :)

Society changes, values change, with different social pressures, and in the last few hundred years, the increasing scientific understanding of ourselves and the world around us. The institution of marriage has been subject to these forces of change for millenia, ever since the first formal union between two people took place. Again, we are seeing marriage change. Marriage has been increasingly a civil institution (there's various laws that give married couples various rights, etc), and that, combined with today's scientific understanding about sexuality, and the evidence that, even in the face of negative pressure, same sex couples do commit to lifelong partnerships, it is inevitable that marriage will change to include same sex partners.<br />
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Whether the religious institutions conduct same sex weddings is a different matter. That's up to the p[articular church, and frankly, that's their business, but same sex marriages will be conducted, at least by civil celebrants around the world.

So because it is defined as that in the dictionary, it is now and forever set in stone? Why can't the definition of marriage be redefined? Is it going to change the way you define marriage, or how I define marriage, if a gay or lesbian couple marry? I mean really, think about it!! What does what the dictionary defines as marriage have to do with anything? Shouldn't all people be able to love and marry any way they choose? Come on now!!

Thats right, you got it!! Can I get an AMEN!! LOL!!

God loves his flock and doesn't distinguish between gya or straight sheep.<br />
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It's ok to be Gay. If not GOD would not have created us.