Why do I support gay rights?

Because the homophobia in this world is just so plain ridiculous.

Because the argument that homosexuality is akin to ********** and ********** is just so plain ridiculous (pedophiles prey on children and ********** involves an animal and both of these acts can be performed by anyone regardless of their orientation; the basis of homosexuality is two people in a loving, consensual relationship, period)

Because what is next? Discriminating against people who don't like oatmeal? People who don't believe in a god? People who insist on wearing brown and black together????

Because it would be wrong of us to tell "Jorge", our beloved gay hairstylist, interior decorator, or neighbor with the immaculate lawn, that even though we like him and we have nothing against him and he makes our day brighter with his friendship or service, his lifestyle "bothers" us and we want to make his lifestyle illegal. But that "doesn't make us homophobic". (Pretty effed up, huh?)

Because differences in this world should be applauded, celebrated, and protected. The more we learn to accept and celebrate differences, the easier it will be to find common ground, and the less discrimination we will find in this world.

And finally, because, well, I love gay people. They just rock.



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1 Response Mar 4, 2009

In the decades to come, the people ranting and raving against gay rights will be looked at the same way we look back on the people that opposed interracial marriage or those that supported segregation or slavery. <br />
<br />
We are on the right side of history. They will be shamed.