Criminally Gay

1. France creates a U.N. declaration decriminalizing homosexuality throughout the world.

2. All  of the European Union members (27 countries) sign. Also Japan and Australia.

3. Bush refuses to sign on behalf of the United States. This is in December.

4. Obama's Administration contacts the French and requests to rectify this situation.

5. Being considered a criminal because of your sexual orientation--unacceptable in any civilized society. Being Bush, and being allowed to speak for this country for as long as he did--now that's criminal.


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2 Responses Mar 18, 2009

Thank you . I do so enjoy exposing myself also. But not to gays (good choice of words,)

People have a right to be happy if they can. It is no one's business what their sexual orientation is as long as both are adults. I am straight, I have friends both straight and gay. And I sometimes have parties where I mix them together so that the straights can see that gay people are just that, people.