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I Will Never Understand It.

I am engaged, and I'm wondering exactly when I'll be able to marry my true love.

Why do people oppose gay marriage? I simply don't understand it.

I can't get married because I don't have breasts or a vagina. A man and woman is the bar everyone has to live up to- because that is preserving the sanctity of marriage. Alright. Let's look farther into that.

So a prostitute and a guy who has multiple girlfriends can marry each other because they're a man and a woman. ...But that doesn't threat the sanctity of marriage until one of them is the same gender? What? 

But me, a loving, committed young man who interns at a non-profit organization, who gets great grades and works hard can't marry my soon-to-be doctor boyfriend because...well, we're morally crooked and we pervert what marriage is about?

Tell me something, where is the logic?

Konrad Konrad 22-25, M 48 Responses Apr 3, 2009

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there is no logic, and its crazy that this big group of ignorant people think that it makes sense. I just got married in june in massechusettes because she is from there, but we live in NJ right now, its really aweful to think of the posibility that one day our marriage might not mean anything in this country... for right now my marriage doesnt fully count in the state i live in. hopefully that will change soon.

Good luck hope it works out for you both, you have my support.

Its sad but its true, there are no logic for many things in our life. I live day by day with people i love and always try to be happy.. I wish you and your partner a long long long time of happiness regardless you are marry or not.. Cheers from Singapore

when i hear stories like this, i just want to beat my head against a wall & scream at the top of my lungs "FOR GOD'S ******* SAKE - JUST LET THEM GET MARRIED!"<br />
not just because i'm over the whole debate (it now makes me want to tear my hear out) but because i honestly can't see why gay people SHOULDN'T be able to get married. <br />
marriage ISN'T a christian thing or a religious thing - so when someone brings the bible into it (after hearing this same argument over & over again) i want to take their bible & bash them repeatedly over the head with it. <br />
2 people love each other so much that they want to commit to each other for the rest of their lives - that's a beautiful thing! **** their gender! & it may also mean that homosexual relationships will be seen as just as valid as heterosexual ones in the eyes of society, & will hopefully reduce the ridicule gay people face. <br />
that & it could mean providing a loving home to an unwanted/unfortunate child who would otherwise be bounced from foster home to foster home. <br />
<br />
i just...don't see why anyone would be opposed to that really. everyone wins.

On the bible did it not say Love one another.. Two people love each other should be allow to be togather. Cheers from Singapore

i don't really give a hoot what the bible says - if people are christians &amp; so are against gay marriage, that's fine - they shouldn't marry someone of the same gender. but they shouldn't try &amp; stand in the way of people who want to, &amp; should realise that not everyone follows their religion, &amp; that we have a separate church &amp; state (here in australia we do, at least). gay people aren't trying to stop straight (or christian) people from getting married - they aren't trying to take away (or prohibit) anyone's rights.

im from the usa.. i think everyone should be able to marry whom they love.....i support gay rights...

I am not opposed to gay marriage, or gay rights, but to me, it's simply...awkward. That's why I choose to (this might make me sound like a homophobic) "stay away". I just can't shake the awkward feeling when i'm around someone who I know is gay. And please don't hate, I'm just giving my perspective.

im sorry=[ i feel your pain

You sound like a intelligent and caring young man. I hate to hear stories like this. Love is love and you should be free to marry your boyfriend. I sincerely hope that one day soon you will be able to. Blessings...

Hey "tulick" God made you idiot. he made the plaent where you live and **** on. he has the right to say whats right and wrong and homosexuality is a sin. and not just that its disgusting.

Yeah, come to Canada, we don't care. <br />
<br />
Looking for Logic in America....sounds like it could be an album name or something

Yes, I was insinuating that homosexual behavior is bad in itself and that a legal marriage does not validate behavior that is ultimately destructive. I don't plan on arguing the point any further on this page though. Perhaps in an other forum we can debate the issue you would like. I will leave this one for those who wish you encouragement. I do respect you as a person even if I don't agree with your lifestyle choice.

So you're insinuating that homosexuals being married is bad in itself, and the comparisons of two straight people won't be valid because it's been proved that homosexuals being married is detrimental to society regardless of comparisons?<br />
<br />
Because I was insinuating that marijuana is bad in itself, and the comparisons of two other abusive substances wouldn't be valid because it's been proved that marijuana is detrimental to a person regardless of comparisons. <br />
<br />
Your logic doesn't add up with this post. Mine obviously does.

Hmm, can I use the same logic that you used in my story about marujuana?<br />
<br />
Comparing a prostitute getting married to a guy with multiple girlfriends doesn't strengthen your argument. If I compare beasteality to date rape it doesn't make either situation more ideal.<br />
also<br />
What sounds worse "teens vow abstinence except for marriage between man and woman" or "pastor caught sucking c*#k"?

I support gay marriage,I think all we have the same rights,and I hate homophobics..

Just had to jump in here. On the other side of the world, the gay marriage issue is at an interesting point. In Australia, our Federal Government refuses to lift a 2004 ban on same sex marriage for what are basically spurious reasons. However, public opinion tells a different story. Independent polls have put public support for same sex marriage at over 70% across the country, and even the most conservative state polls around 57% in favour.<br />
<br />
In the last year, the state of Victoria (where I live) passed laws to establish a relationships register (states here are not allowed to make laws regarding marriage, as that is a Federal jurisdiction). Meanwhile, the Fegeral Government ammended around 100 pieces of Federal legislation to remove gender specific definitions of "partner", in areas such as social security and taxation.<br />
<br />
Currently, two states (Victoria and Tasmania) legally recognise same sex relationships, as well as the Australian Capital Territory. However, I believe that gay marriage is only a matter of time. Public opinion and global politics are taking us down that road very quickly. Here in Melbourne, most people really don't pay much attention to same sex relationships. We're pretty out in the community, and no one raises an eyebrow. Melbourne is fantastic for the open minded attitude, and we don't even live in a "gay area", we're out in the mortgage belt, living among the general community.<br />
<br />
For the record, we did register our relationship, as this did give us a number of legal benefits that would be much harder to claim any other way.<br />
<br />
Finally, as for the Bible bashers, I also studied the Bible, as it's an important piece of our cultural heritage (I no longer consider myself Christian, as me beliefs have changed over the years, and I've taken on board ideas from other philosphies and my experiences), and I'm appalled how these people twist the Bible to suit their own ends. They miss the most important message in the Bible (and in just about every other religious or spiritual document from whatever belief system you choose), which is the message of mutual respect for each other, love, and respect for the environment. I won't address the mistranslations that form the (flimsy) basis for ob<x>jections to homosexuality (something that in the modern sense wasn't even really known in Biblical times!) at this time. :)<br />
<br />
Anyway, that's my 2 cents worth here. ;)

There are now four states that have full equal marriage laws here in the US. They are, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont and Iowa. A number of other states have Civil Union laws, but they are not full marriage. Some of the Civil Union states are on the brink of passing full marriage equality laws, but the legislators are waiting until after the next round of elections before proposing these laws.<br />
<br />
The idiocy is clear -- but the end to being forced into a closet is also clearly coming!

What's wrong with that is that it's not called marriage, so it is inherently less than and different from what 'normal' heterosexuals are granted. <br />
<br />
Seperate but Equal is not Equal.

Konrad, You have my whole-hearted support.<br />
It's what in the UK where I'm presently living they call Civil Partnership.<br />
One union, recognized in a ceremony, leading to treatment as a couple in taxation, welfare benefits and property rights (like keeping a tenancy of One of you were to die).<br />
Just what's wrong with that?

Konrad -- Come here and let's give each other a HUGE HUG! Because, my brother, you and I are in the same boat. I can't marry my love here in NY because one of us lacks a penis. Logic? I don't think so! Stupidity, ignorance, superstition, idiocy, assholery, whatever it is, it is keeping you, me, and our loves from marrying. <br />
<br />
Now, to those out there who wonder why we want this marriage, let me tell you! There are many reasons! There are legal reasons, sure. But there are also good and valid emotional reasons -- like having the rest of the world accept our love as being as valid as yours!<br />
<br />
Konrad -- please know that you have friends, as I know that I have them -- among the many people here, but also know that I am here for support too! We will get equal marriage laws passed, they are being passed, so this chapter will end soon.<br />
<br />
Love to you, my brother.

The internet tends to be more liberal. There are plenty of crazies online, too, but in my experience most online forums tilt at least 60 - 65% liberal. <br />
<br />
The key are the moderates that don't really care and don't think about it that much. That's the part of the population we need to wake up and slap in the face with logic.

I'm really touched at how much attention this post is getting. :) With this amount of support it's hard to see how there's a ban on gay marriage.

You are going to sprinkle that homophobophobes all over EP. It will become as common as vomiting on shoes or telling off a fortune cookie. ;) This whole comment string just makes me sad. I can't understand hatred and anger towards actions that have no victims.

It's also a slow process because ignorant bigots aren't known for their lightning quick learning speed.

it all sucks.. im straight but i support gay rights and marriage 100%... i say "who the hell is anyone to tell you who you can love?"... if you love someone with you're whole heart and you want to spend the rest of your lives together i cant see why you cant. What? just because you both happen to be the same sex? ... that is no excuse... we need to fight against this and make gay marriage happen!<br />
<br />
<br />
elusive.desire<br />
<br />

Unfortunately doing those things does nothing about the rights and privileges that marriage brings between men and women... which is what is so offensive about people that oppose gay rights.

Bible thumpers who carry on about the sanctity of marriage are ridiculous when they comment on this issue, for the Bible makes it clear that divorce is a much bigger threat to the sanctity of marriage than gays. <br />
<br />
It's only a matter of time before the bigotry of the previous generations dies out. Younger generations are clearly more tolerant of homosexuals than their parents were, so we're really just waiting around for the bigots to die off.

I don't support gay rights. I wish you the best, though.

no logic...i have friends who are gay,so what?some of them even their family dont accept them.i mean why?and its not only about someone being gay..its being fat,thin,tall or short,black or white..people just dont understand,we are all different and same!<br />
many hugs and hope u are ok*

AndrewPenney, you say that simply plugging in the name "husband" instead of spouse won't work. Is it really that difficult? Two married people should have equal rights, so why is the idea of a different gender hard to wrap your head around? It's not like a different species of animal. Or maybe I'm not understanding how the law works. :P<br />
<br />
Although...what's in a name? <br />
<br />
And tulick, can you give me one rational reason why homosexuality is wrong other than God said so? Obviously stealing/murdering has a victim to it's sin, it causes misery to the people it offends. But who is the victim in homosexuality? Nobody. How can love have a victim if it improves the quality of life in both parties?<br />
<br />
And our founding fathers might have made America an ideal place, but they were bound by the idea's of their generation. It's well known that Thomas Jefferson hated women's rights and intellectual women. If he wrote a document advocating banning women from voting and it got signed (And very well could have been supported) how would we convince ourselves that it was the best for America?

ok being catholic (i howerever support gay right) the reason is because of some half translated bible passage that says u have to b able to procreat or its not marrige. In my opinion then you should just b unable to get married in a catholic church. leaglly i dont rlly no why, cause alot of people are catholic?<br />
but who needs a peice of paper if you love him thats enough