I am new to this site. I am not gay but I think that the gay marriage is a possibility for gay people to get in a stable relationship and avoids promiscuity that helps avoid the spreading of AIDS among them. I HATE all the people that think that gay people are monsters or am n unnatural thing


Jjyunatori Jjyunatori
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i agree with jp, there r more stds in the straight community than in the gay community. as 4 marriage, i believe it will b a reality someday, maybe not right away, but someday.

I am glad you support us, but I think you are a little misinformed about our relationships... Many of us already have stable loving relationships, committed to the same degree any married straight couple can be. Being able to finally marry one another is only a recognition of the bond that already exists, and provides us with the same rights and respect that any other married couple has. Promiscuity has nothing to do with sexuality, it's a matter of personality. And HIV/AIDS (along with any other STD) does not care who you are or who you're having sex with - anyone can get it. These are silly archaic notions that were never true. Regardless I think it's wonderful that you support our rights. :)