Where The Rainbow Began

I am a sexy senior citizen now, and I talk with young gay folk around the world regularly.  They help keep me young in mind and at heart.  However, I have not always been a senior.  In fact, I have been a gay activist since before Stonewall.  Now, all of you who are saying "what is he talking about?"  or "what is Stonewall?" are the exact targets of this story.  I have sung the songs of liberation to many  individual gay youth, only to find that few of them have any idea that things have not always been as they are today, and how fragile is their freedom.  They do not know that there is a pendulum and that every day they do not celebrate their liberation, the pendulum swings further back toward the days when we were ALL in our closets.

I have decided that the time has come, perhaps long passed, that I should be sharing some of the stories with more than one individual at a time.  I am planning to publish a series of articles telling some of the stories about the early days.  They are not intended to be a history, as such, but merely the memories of an old war horse.  Perhaps it will become a book, perhaps it will remain isolated stories.  I have no idea.  However, probing questions from friends and readers who become friends will go a long way toward turning it into a book.

Young people are the most valuable asset any community can have.  However, gay young people are not being taught their history or their heritage.  Gay history is taught in very few schools, public or private, at least in the United States.  How can we expect liberation to continue to grow until there is full equality if every person thinks that he (she) is the first to have feelings for members of the same sex.  I firmly believe that those of us who have "been involved" in beginning the march toward full equality have an obligation to share the experiences of the past to help prevent young people from stumbling across the same boulders in which we have already made cracks, however small.

I suppose that MY BLOG here on the Experience Project is the best venue for these remembrances.  I will mark it as PUBLIC  

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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING. My name is Giley and I shall mail you shortly.I too am not so young in body as I am in mind. I have been in a lesbian relationship since I was in 7th grade. My wife and I are still together to this day. i have writen many stories about me, us, and our lives here on EP, Perhaps reading them would be fun for you if you have the time to do so. <br />
Love Giley and Carol too!!!