Uganda Bill To Make Being Gay Punishible By Death.


 Gay Ugandans may be sentenced to death if legislation being debated right now passes.

High level international condemnation has just pushed the President to send the bill for review, but Ugandan allies say only a worldwide outcry could tip Parliamentarians away from discrimination, alarming them with global isolation.

We have just days left -- sign the petition to oppose Uganda's anti-gay law below and send it on to friends and family and it will be delivered to Uganda's politicians, donors and embassies around the world.


On a personal note, whatever happened to that study that was released to the press back in the early 90's that said you can tell if a person is gay at birth through an MRI ? I know the gay community was appalled because they thought parents would start killing their children or some stupid thing but who can afford MRIs on every baby anyway ? If someone could dig up this study, I think it would really help in situations like this because it's largely the religious communities who are on the witch hunts. There is proof that gays are BORN gay which to the religious people would mean GOD made them that way ! The study was released on the major networks of the time. ABC, NBC, CBS, possibly FOX. If someone can get ahold of this study, Uganda would have to get a grip or be faced with being known as the most backward people on theplanet. no country wants that image.

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The study I heard did not say " dysfunction". It said there is a difference in the shape of a section of the brain from heterosexuals and the fetus develops this way. I would say it's one of nature's means of birth control perhaps, but clearly the fetus develops this way and there is nothing to indicate it's a type of "dysfunction". There is no way that the brain could be altered to change a homosexual into a heterosexual. If I believed in God, I'd say God made them that way on purpose. It seems to be in the design of human beings for reasons yet unknown.<br />
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If someone confronted the preachers/gov with this evidence, it would make them complete hypocrites.

Yeah, I guess we all see evidence pointing towards the outcome that makes us feel better about ourselves, especially if we're biased for or against those bastards with the evidence.

This made me physically sick! They are talking about MURDERING their sons and daughters.... MURDERING THEM.... because of who they love....

I saw a glimpse of this on the news a few days ago. They were saying some preacher got it all started with an anti-gay sermon.<br />
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Many doctors and scientists have come out saying there is a physical dysfuncton in the brains of gay people. I tend to believe that, but I don't believe they deserve damnation for it. If it is a dysfunction then it needs to be understood from a scientific perspective and someone needs to attempt to find some way to correct it, or prevent it as with any other mental dysfunction.

My goddess that is horrrible! Did they ever pass this? That's just sick.

I was hoping more people would see the post. I absolutely can't fathom gays not having the same rights as everyone else much less be put to death. I hate my species more and more every day :( maybe they will start killing everyone who is born "defective" in some way. It would be an interesting story with no one left to tell it.

There are three classifications of homosexualit. The main one is being born as a homosexual.<br />
Churches have long taken offense to subjects that not advance the growth of the faith.<br />
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I feel it's great to be straight, but it's ok to be ga