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I have two gay friends so I've been a supporter for a while. Last year I took a philosophy class called Human Ethics. I was surprised our teacher who is a Lutheran pastor was in favor of gay marriage (not that there all religious people are against it). We had one girl that kept objecting to it. She said if we allow them to marry then we will have to let people marry their dogs (which is always said by someone). My teacher simply said, "Oh you're going to use the slippery slope argument which never works". lol

She said, "Yes I am." She made a comment about how it was degrading to traditional marriage.

He said, if you are going to defend traditional marriage than you have to start by getting rid of divorce because it is the complete destruction of marriage. He also said if someone really does want to marry an animal what right does she have to say someone can't. Who says we can't?

She said, well society says we can't.

He answered society also used to say that slavery was right- and that women had no rights. Society is always changing. What right did we have to take away someone's happiness?

What really surprised me was when he shot down her religious argument. He said that while he was a man of faith himself- faith and reason were not one in the same. So, he said, you cannot apply something based on faith to matters such as these because faith was based on religious belief, not fact. 

He was very respectful in his argument with her. I was so surprised though that he would be supportive of gay marriage because I wasn't sure if he would be the type. But I am glad. It was nice to see that he was able to point out the holes in her argument besides just saying religious beliefs don't count (sort of a thing I guess). just wanted to share that because it was an interesting class that day : )

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That's so cool. Very encouraging to hear that and I might add he made some very excellent points that I'll have to remember the next time some idiot compares it to marrying their dog.