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I was always a very obedient and agreeable child growing up. I rarely questioned authority and thought the "authority" was always right and had all the answers. I was raised by a single Christian man, my mom died when I was really young.

The first time I ever questioned any authority was when I was 11 and in the sixth grade. I was just a kid and it was some sort of Christian sleep over to help discuss junior high (or was it high school?) and the challenges we would face as Christians. I was totally digging it and loving it... until we got to gay people. They told us being gay was an unnatural choice and that it went against God. That God was going to send all homosexuals to Hell for their sins of being gay etc etc.

And I remember thinking but why? Why would anyone WANT to be gay? Why would Joe Anybody choose to have his family and loved ones turn their back on him just because he wanted to go have a fling with Bobby Boy down the street? Why would anyone CHOOSE to endure the hate and intolerance and the grief that goes with being homosexual. So later on, I asked. I asked one of the leaders about it. And she told me something about how her brother used to be gay, but then one day he got down on his knees, prayed to Jesus and God sincerely to be changed. When he was done, he got up, and met his wife moments later.

I remember thinking... something's not right. That doesn't sound right. No way its that simple.

That was the first time I ever questioned anything and dared to think for myself. It was the first chink in what was soon to be an eroding faith in Christianity. Today I am no longer Christian. I have much love for Jesus and his teachings I just think his followers got it wrong somewhere along the way. I truely believe gay people are born. I still don't understand how anyone can justify the idea that being Homosexual is a choice when often times people have to fear for the wrath of their loved ones and sometimes their jobs and/or their lives. That's not a choice. That's Hell on Earth. Since leaving Christianity I have come to understand and respect it more than I ever did when I was supposed to be one.

I don't understand what the problem is. This is not a homosexual issue. It has nothing to do with sexuality or even marriage. This is a human rights and civil rights issue. How dare anyone take away someone else's rights? As the saying goes if your against gay marriage... don't have one! Get a grip, mind your own business. Like most people in this group I just don't see what the "issue" is anyway. Don't people have better things to do than screw with someone else's life?

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Absolutely! I know there are good Christian men and women out there. I guess the not so good ones manage to leave a stronger impression with all their shouting... The cool ones are quiet beacons of light.

i totally agree with u. people have no right 2 mind other peoples business. i would like 2 say tho, i do have some friends who r christians, and i have learned that....there r christians, and there r religious people. there's a difference...its the religious people who r judgemental.