**** Off!

Being that I am bisexual, I do support gays, lesbians and people like me. And lets not forget transsexuals. Even if I was straight I would still support them. I don't understand what the big deal is loving someone of the same sex, both sexes, or changing your gender to be happy. I don't get why others would have a problem with it. It's not their lives. Its our lives and they keep trying to control who we love, what we do and who we are. "This is the world we live in, and these are the hands where given. Use them and lets start trying, to make it a place worth living in."  One of my favorite parts in a song by Disturbed. It said it so simply, we are here, we share this world, get along. 

But there will always be people there who don't "approve" of our "lifestyles". You know I don't approve people coming to my home and trying to get me to convert to their religion. But I don't go over to their homes, call myself a missionary and say, "I am here to convert your sexual attractions to someone of the same sex. It is my god's will...blah blah."   "We R who We R" ~Ke$ha. We don't expect you to change who you are, we wish you had open hearts and took off your blinders. But we still don't force anything on you. EXCEPT that which is ours. Which is equality and freedom to marry and be with whoever we choose. Love who we love and not get beat down by religious folks.  And not even the whole marriage drama, just to be able to walk down the street, hand in hand with our partners and not have parents cover their children's eyes or have eyes starring at us like we are inhuman. We are human for pitty sake! 

We have love and emotions, dreams and hopes like everyone else. So stay the HELL out of our personal lives and stick with your OWN. 
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I don't know why people are making such a big deal out of this. Whats so bad about a women being with a women or a man being with a man. Men with men, women with women and transgenders i don't give a damn. Let just get along while we waste the planet away lol<br />
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I was thinking about not coming out at all but now im like **** it because even if i were straight they would find something else to ***** about.<br />
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Wish i read this one sooner tho muahaha late replies for win

its a mystery to me lol. Thats right, you shouldn't have to hide that part about yourself. Its a shame some people have to for their safety and survival.