We Hate to Be Judge By Our Sexuality

seriously, why do some people over react if they suddenly find out about our sexuality? so what if we are gay, lesbian, or bi etc? we are still living, breathing human being who needs to be respected just like all the straight people. we aren't aliens who came from another world, we aren't animals that you can boss around. no, we are still the same breed of human beings!

if you say that God oppose it then im sad to say that you are wrong. if you bring out that bible and point to whatever verse that will prove me wrong than did you ever listen to your religion teacher? the bible is made by MAN. God only guided us to write that book.

Im not saying the whole sacred book is wrong. i'm a very religious Christian too but there are just somethings that people misinterpreted. i would only point out a couple of points that were learned in primary or elementary school. 

  1. In the book of Genesis, man was created in God's own image and likeness. so that means God actually made LGBTs and he is okey with it. we are all unique people who are different in some ways. God wanted it to be that way.
  2. Another point is, did you ever heard Jesus say that homosexuality is wrong? what he taught us is to treat your neighbors as you treat yourself. do you discriminate yourself? then stop doing it to us! we didn't do anything to you!

as i said there are too many points i could point out but i only point out what's the most obvious that was taught in elementary school about equality.

alright, i agree that some of us go overboard. but that doesnt mean the others are like that too! i'll list down some scenarios. to all the super homophobics, i think you should know these.

  1. if you see a bunch of us hugging and playing around. please dont give me that face that said "oh gross, lesbian, gays etc". dont you hug and show affection with your friends too?
  2. oh, and if we happen to make friends with some of your buddies. please, dont get any ideas. we're not recruiting you or anything. we just want to make more friends. and if they truly become gay then dont blame us for it. they choose to be be like us. we didn't bribe them to become like us.
  3. and then, if we try to talk to you, why are you thinking that we are flirting with you? again we just want to be friends. if you think we like you more than you should really inform us (softly might i add) that you dont think of us like that.

i will repeat this once again. though some of us might be a little rough on the edges (that may be the result of their past. i once read that past experience can change a person. may it be bad or good. its not only us who experience such incidents, even straight people do.), some of us arent that bad. i believe that we are all equal. we may not be all the same but that's why we are so unique. all we ask of you is acceptance.

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4 Responses Aug 6, 2009

yah. people like that really pissis me of. but whatever you know?<br />
<br />
all we want is them not to think of us like some strange being from another universe but a human being like themselves. <br />
<br />
to tell you the truth, i dont have any problem with straight people because some of them kind of understand that there are just some people like us but still understood that being "us" does not mean we are abnormal.<br />
<br />
however the homophobic people who thinks being ourselves is weird just like the people in our campus who discriminates my friends and thinks that we are some sort of rebels. i just think of them as people who are too stupid to open their eyes and see that they are wrong.

well said.. have a look at my story on sexuality

yeah, i agree with you bouncer965. <br />
<br />
people are too damn narrow minded in understanding and accepting that these things happen. <br />
<br />
LOL, but honestly, maybe im just sick of people treating me and my friends like outsiders when they themselves didn't realize the other circumstances of other people around the globe.

Well said.............Thankyou