The Earth Is A Living 'collective Of Beings, Who Need Us To Relearn To Liveconnected To Them Once More.

Humanity has the History of Being Intimatly connected with the Earth, and All of Her Living Beings. Over time, We as a Species, have 'Forgotten' Our 'Roots' to the Earth, We have ripped up the Trees from large tracts of virgen Jungles,ahd Forests, causing the eventual exterpation,and even Extinction of Indiginous plants,Trees Insects, arachnids, and Animals. We have filled The Earths Oceans with all manner of Quimical Toxins'and 'trash,' causing the collaps of Whole Marine Ecosystems. Our Industeral needs have Degraded this Planets Protective 'Ozone' barrior. And Even though the Evidence of Our Destruction is quite visable from close orbit aroun theEarth, We as a Whole are Still moving about in Our Daily Lives, as though We Do Not Care,or Do Not 'Notice the Destruction that We are Causing to the Earth. Ther are ways of having 'Technology', and living inA More Freindly Way with the Earth. We have only to get Our welthy 'oil industries' to 'Back off as it were, And Allow The Development of 'Alternative Technologies' To Lessen the Impact of the petrol-based tecnology used in Automobiles,and such. The Earth Is A Collective of Beings, Who Need Us, the Rebellous, Stubborn Beings that We are, to Relearn to live Connected to Them once more. We as a Species of life Are as much a Part of this Earth as any other form of life is,And it is Time To Awaken as a Whole, And Realise this Fact-If this Earth dies, So Too Do We as a Species of Life.
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Totally agree with this.

Good going Egg, Green Peace catches some 'flack' for sometimes using 'force but they are really a Good Organisation to support in my opinion, and Do an awful lot to raise Awareness of the Damage that We as a Whole are doing to this Planet. The More uf us who are made 'Aware' of Our dis interest, and Disrespect of this Earth,the better it will be for The Earth. after all, We cannot maintain Life on a 'Dead' sphere in space. It is Time that We as a Species of Life Awaken to see that We are apart of This Planet, and Our lives depend upon This Planet staying Alive.

I try to do my bit with recycling and switching things off that I'm not using but I know it's probably not enough.<br />
I used to be a member of Greenpeace and did a bit of campaigning and went on marches (went on a walk for the whales when I was 8 months pregnant!) but it lapsed a long time ago, round about the time I started a family and other priorities took over. <br />
But you've got me thinking that maybe I should join up again and get myself informed. All the stuff you say I have heard before but tend to push these things to the back of my mind. Thanks for reminding me that I would really like to do something for this beautiful planet. Going to go and sign up now! :) Egg