I Support "guide Dogs" :-)

I support the ever so, important charity, "guide dogs for the blind", :-) It is a marvoulous thing, as they help "blind and partiallly sighted people to get out  about and around, independently, helping to cross roads, manovroering around pedestrians, catching buses, trains, going in cafes and shops and basically living and leading an "independent lifestyle". These dogs are trained to the highest standered!,. :-) I am a true supporter,. :-)

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I've had a guide dog for a year now, and I'm so glad that people are prepared to support all the work that goes on in the background so that someone like me can stay independent and go everywhere I need to go.

My dog is brilliant at his job, and I can walk normally again, not needing to *****-foot about trying not to bump into things! He's also great fun when he's not at work, and is a great companion.

All this is possible because of fantastic public generosity, and we can never take it for granted.

I've known several dog guides and their people. I've seen the independence they can offer...and the happiness they bring their people.

Awwww!! Plaid, thank you chickee! thank you! :D Yes the dogs bring independance and freedom to the blind and partially sighted people! and they really love their beautiful companions! *their eyes"! their dogs! Do you know they even keep them once they retire! I would spoil them whilst they were working, but, dare not! LMAO! LOL! Thank you so much my darling girl for your feedback and comment! :D :D <>

Awwwww! thank you so much my gorgeous darling girlie! thank you! :D You are a star babes! and i thank you, so much for your very lovely comment! :D :D <>

You rock. great cause indeed. It's marvelous to watch how these animals can help human and are creating a real symbiosis between them.. Great, nice supporter. Congrats !

I live in an area where the "Seeing Eye" have their roots. Dogs being trained are everywhere, on the sidewalks in town, learning their trade. They are truly magnificient. We get to see all the stages of training, the last of which is the owner and dog with a trainer. Many people in this area take the pups for one year so they can live in a family and turn them over at a year to see if they can make it through to the next level. These people have my deep respect. They love the pup for the whole year and then surrender him to help someone else. If you are a supporter of guide dogs in your area, perhaps, there is a program nearby that you can help out.

I agree, Welshbabe! And there is also the wonderful bond that is shared.