Great Video

 Herman Cain doesn't have my full support yet. It's just too early. I don't fully support anyone yet.

But I do like the way he thinks.

And in this video in particular.

As I understand it... he is not raising as much money as Perry, Romney and Bauchman. So... I think I am going to throw some money his was. Just to help extend his run at it.
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3 Responses Oct 9, 2011

I am just waiting for his announcement tonight.<br />
Hope it's worth getting excited over....

I think if he had the money he COULD do it. <br />
<br />
He has more common sense in his little toenail than BHO will have in 5 lifetimes.<br />
<br />
It doesn't bother Cain telling it like it is. We NEED that very much right now.

I started this group a few months ago as he impressed me immensely then. I went through a period of doubts after that, when for the reasons you stated, I didn't think he would stand a chance against the big money makers. I do know that he has continued to draw more and more people into his campaign, and I believe the money is starting to flow into his coffers too. I know I have sent some his way and I will be sending more. I am convinced he can do it with a little luck and our support.