I'll Be Voting For Herman Cain To Be Our Next President

While I don't think the 9 9 9 plan is perfect, it is definitely a step in the right direction. Cain is real fiscal conservative unlike some others in the Republican Party. I would love to see Herman win the primary, then select Marco Rubio as his running mate.

If you read about the life stories of Herman Cain and Marco Rubio, you will understand the real American Dream and why everyone in the United States should quit their whining and start following these two as examples.

Nuff said.

Update: 11/11/11
Still support the guy despite the allegations against him.  I think this is a nasty smear campaign waged by the left.  If there is truth to the charges, then I would not support him.

Update 12/2/11
And yet another woman comes forward with allegations of a 13 year affair.  I still think this is all a crock, and just an effort to tarnish Herman's name.  The guy is innocent until proven guilty, but I think the smear campaign has worked.  I suspect that Cain now has little chance to win the primary.   Now, ladies and gentlemen - THIS is racism at its best.  One of the things the left fears more than anything is a conservative of color.  Afterall, if the GOP supports someone of color, how can the left use the race card anymore??
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Hahahahahaha.<br />
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You were serious. My bad.

Quint! what brings you to a conservative group? No prob, all due respect for considerate and open minded liberals.

No plan is perfect, but economically 9-9-9 has a lot to like. As mach says above it has changed the discourse on taxes and opened a huge policy area to fundamental reform.<br />
<br />
No, it won't survive unchanged, not by a long shot. Wait until the armies of lobbyists for accountants, tax preparers, attorneys, insurance companies, and myriad special interests with tax favors and loopholes to protect get involved. That's one of the best things going for it, the parasitic interests opposing it.<br />
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If anyone's interested in my additional musings on why 9-9-9 is economically efficient and pro-growth, head over to the "I am a conservative" forum:<br />
<a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Am-Conservative/1839729" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

Thanks for your input porcpuffer! I will check out the link.

No, the 9 9 9 plan is not perfect but it has opened the door to a discussion of a tax plan that is first, understandable to the people....and even Congress, and two, it gets rid of all the current loop holes than the rich manage to squirm into. I am a believer in the flat tax format and I am realistic enough to know that that will not happen in one swell swoop. I am so sick of those in the media being so critical of Cain's plan when it is obvious that they have not read the whole plan. The media, even FOX, is trying to orchestrate this primary election and if we get our information from them, we will be making all the wrong decisions.

Thanks for your comment! There are those who are critical of the plan, including those on the right. My favorite comment is that the tax plan is regressive. I even hear that from those on the Fox network.

All you have to do is take a couple semesters of macro economics to become somewhat indoctrinated into Keynesian theory, and buy into the concept that flattening tax nominally, has a regressive effect on society. And to some extent, I agree with the principal. Afterall, it is financially more difficult for someone making $50K per year to pay out a (let's say 10%) tax, than it is for someone who makes $500K per year. There is a flip side to the argument, however. As taxes increase progressively, the amount of discretionary income that would be injected into the economy also goes down. And history shows us real economic growth occurs as the most extreme of the progressive rates from yesteryear were reduced. Lastly, people will always debate the fairness of any tax structure. The problem we have today is that about 48% of Americans do not pay federal income taxes at all. There is a saying, "when you don't pay, you've got no skin in the game."

America is all about having skin in the game. That's why we elections to vote for our representatives. But there are too many people hooked on OPM - Other People's Money. Everybody has to pay something. There should be no free rides.

What you say is so true. You have done your homework well.....now where is everybody else??