Sure She Has More Experience - That's the Problem.

It's not that she's jaded or that we need fresh thinking, those are just sidebar arguments. The really issue here is that Hillary acted like an elected official when she wasn't one. And she acted badly. Unethically and criminally. I didn't vote for her to take on Health Care. I didn't vote for her to 'dodge' bullets in Bosnia. I didn't vote for her to intimidate the head of the White House Travel office so that she could install her cronies. I didn't vote for her to intimidate Kathleen Willey.

Hillary's experience is going to be her undoing.

Watch the movie and decide. No doubt it's the work of "Fix' Network. But there also inarguable evidence that points to Clinton's MO. And it is certainly true that she took on a larger political role  than was ethically  or morally acceptable.

She has experience in a job she wasn't supposed to do. If she had done it well, it would still be an ethical problem. Nobody voted  her to a position of responsibility in a democratic election process. How the hell can she call herself a democrat with a straight face?

Wait a minute. I forgot. She can say anything with a straight face.

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I am not parsing my own language. It is a quote, therefore, someone else's language. But I do apologize for disturbing your delicate sensibilites by siting Tina Fey's rallying cry with the "b" word in it. We've come a long way, baby, from "I like Ike." <br />
<br />
Here is a link to the offending skit from back in Feb, I think. Tina Fey on update. Rated R for adult ears:

And Lil Annie should stop assuming she has the sole right to parse her own language. ***** is the new black is just another way to rationalize and justify bad behavior. a ***** is no better than a bastard. I think there's a disturbing subtext here that women will have achieved equality when they are 'allowed' to behave as badly as men. Is that your concept of gender equality?

Excuse me... level headed and factual are qualities I'd love to see coming out of the Clinton campaign. The Bosnia comments exemplify a person who has no regard for 'factual comments'.<br />
<br />
I'd say that the Clintons have a monopoly on venom and vitriol.. But let me ask you, oh wise one.. where do you suppose I should learn 'the facts'? From you? Give me a f****ING break!<br />
And while you're seizing the moral high ground, why don't you demonstrate some 'independent' thinking.. I promise you, if you have an inkling of an original idea, I will listen.. let's hear it.

I appreciate your level headed and factual comments to all the hate from redwings. But sadly, redwings' vitriol reflects american pop culture. We are a polarized society with hate mongers on both the right an left spewing their venom on the radio and in the newspaper. Reading the newspaper is no way to learn the facts, but to see what well worn path in the field of politics the journalistic herd will trot . Where are our independent thinkers?

Yep. That was me. That's a quote that will probably go down in pop culture history. Grant you, I hate that the "b" word is used so hapharzardly now, too. Kids these days! (They claim the "b" and "n" word for themselves to remove its stigma. but I don't know. That's another discussion") <br />
The quote itself is very clever, not angry. Do you know its history? Tina Fey, the Saturday Night Live writer, used it as a rallying cry in the show's news skit when she endorses Senator Clinton. Background. The phrase refers to one used in the New York Fashion industry. For years, the main wardrobe color of choice on the street in the city was black. To wear black was like saying, "I'm so busy and so productive, I don't have time to mess with a color palette when I get dressed in the morning." But everyone got so tired of seeing black that people in the industry started to say, "Red is the new black. Or green is the new black" So saying "***** is the new black" plays on Obama's race too. It was funny. Got a big laugh from the New York audience. Guess you had to be there.

Anger? Perhaps I am having a memory lapse here, but weren't you the one who opened up the conversation defending Hillary by saying, <br />
"***** is the new black!" That struck me as really ugly.

Your language is so inflamed. There is true hatred here, I do not doubt it. Do you ever wonder if, just maybe, your passions were stoked years ago by the right wing smear machine? She made very powerful enemies. <br />
<br />
As far as Clinton's philandering, my oh my........Kennedy cheated, Eisenhower cheated, Roosevelt cheated, Jefferson cheated. These just pop to the top of my head. The difference is that no one tried to use their private lives as a weapon against them. "Evil to the core"? Really! Because she didn't disolve her marriage? Someone once said that if she dies, Bill will howl over her body like a bereft wolf. Long term marriages are deep, sir. Deep. AND NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!

Please don't mention Eleanor Roosevelt in the same breath as Clinton. She had way more class. I care less about having my wing feathers ruffled. I have no love for George Bush either. But it's time to take of the rose colored glasses and examine the Clintons more closely. <br />
In any event, this conversation is moot. Hillary doesn't have a hope in hell of winning in November. Not only will she energize the right, she will have left leaning people like me voting against her. <br />
And please don't turn this into a gender issue. I am not going to be bullied by angry shoulder pad feminists in pant suits. <br />
Hillary Clinton is no role model for American women. <br />
This is a woman who tolerated her husband's philandering for the sake of power. She is evil to the core and frankly no better than Bush and his Neo-con artists.

Compare the results of eight years of "third way" philosophy of governance with eight years of Bush's "ownership society" method. Instead of prosperity for all, we are on the brink of collapse. The proof is in the pudding, my good Mr. Redwings. No matter how badly The Most Honorable Senator from New York ruffles your wing feathers!

No doubt it sticks in your craw that Hillary tried to accomplish things in Washington when she was first lady that you did not "elect" her to do. You are in good company. There were also many during Eleanor Roosevelt's time who resented that darn "do gooder" in the White House for the same reason. Nevertheless, Mrs. Roosevelt is always sited in lists of the most admired figures of the twentiest century. Senator Clinton often declared Mrs. Roosevelt her role model. <br />
<br />
Her Methodist tradition emphasizes social service as the road to salvation. She could hold tea parties and host state dinners. But she chose to tackle one of the bigest social problems in our society, healthcare. She took on the insurance companies, Wall Street, and the medical establishement to do it. She made enemies but she gained valuble experience in challenging the most powerful elements in our society!<br />
<br />
Toes were most assuredly stepped on when the Clintons took office, not only in the travel office. Don't forget, they had ended Papa Bush's administration after only four years! There was buckets of Republican resentment as those upstart outsiders from the backwater state of Akansas rode the victory "change train" into D.C. They governed the "third way", in the middle, not left, not right. While dodging an onslaught of political bullets and congressional investigations they, nevertheless, presided over a period of peace and prosperity, for all Americans, not just the wealthy. Bravo.

This writer shouldn't be on this site. There are plenty of positive things about Hillary to write about... perhaps you're an Obama supporter trying to dissuade us from supporting Hillary. No chance

ooh... now that was nasty.. funny, but nasty