What They Will Not Let Hillary Tell Us

There is explosive information about Barack and Michelle Obama that "they" will not release and will not let Hillary tell us.  We, dem's, will get slapped with horrible information in the general election and we will again lose if this information does not get out.  Go to www.unheardamericanvoices.com and read the piece titled Super Delegates Fudging Fiduciary Duty.  Heck read them all, a lot of the informaiton will be new to you, but there are alot of back up links.

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2 Responses May 13, 2008

i voted for her the first time but felt compelled to vote for Obama

I'm not surprised - the media's been very one-sided in this campaign. Fibs or not, Hillary's still the best candidate. Obama and Michelle have made some pretty antii-American remarks and have lived privileged lives far from the working class black America; how can he possibly be fit to be President? Still, he's like the pied piper of America - leading all the weak minded to the river and I won't be one of them. Thanks for the info.