Who Is Hillary?

I do know but my story begun like that, I'm a native Haitian Boy, so, I look at how the world go on for the next year arrive. I saw all man who was president or dirigeant are losing and get in the deep our planete. that reason, I think if God was choice Mary to became the mother of Jesus...I think that the woman can do everythings good...so Hillary follow the heart of his husband, malgre tout...I think she as a good heart and I profit to invite all haitian - american to vote for her for thr presidency.

I'm Ronald Osias native Haitian boy, my adresse is: 17, angle rue pacot et garoute, Port - au - Prince, Haiti. Tel: (509) 920-1315/ 509-736-1211: osiasry@yahoo.fr


osiasry osiasry
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1 Response Jun 15, 2007

Thank you for sharing your opinion. I think it is very important that when considering who to vote for Americans consider the opinions and aspirations of people of other countries and who they see as being someone they think will transform the U.S. into a country others can trust and respect.