I Do, Do You?

It shocks me to know that people are still deprived of basic human rights. Some countries still carry the DEATH PENALTY against homosexuals. Women are BURNED to death because they can't pay for their wedding dowries. Every 5 seconds a child dies of HUNGER. It's 2010! how can this still occur? We are quick to glamorize our lives but fall short to expose the entire reality. The reality that our world is still plagued by uncertainties but all  too often it may seem that it is more convenient to just be left unsaid...

Well I suggest otherwise...It has to be addressed in order to ever be changed..

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I appreciate your comment so much.I fully agree with what you're saying

And thank you for your realistic yet insightful comment :)

People are people. There are good ones and bad ones. That is life. I accept that. I agree with what has been stated. Yes--there is enough food to go around. Yes we need to let people in oppressed countries with standards of morals different from "ours" fight their own battles unless the people ask for help. We can not impose our views of how humanity should be treated on other countries. If asked to help-then we can help. I am always amused when people show such shock at all of the attrocities in this world. Have they grown up on this planet? Bad things happen, have always happened--and most likely will continue to happen. That is human nature...or at least part of it. Evil exists. Goodness exists. Help where we can and make sure our own back yards are OK first...that is what I think. It is a complicated subject indeed. Thanks for opening up the conversation, HippieChick.

Thank you so much Merily for your comment..it's nice to know some people out there are also aware of what's going on and compassionate toward the subject matter..<br />
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And yes! How can people look away???? I will never comprehend..

You wanna hear a song written by a real genius? I am sure you wont like it or him, but it is the cold hard truth.

Yea I guess..but I wish it weren't that way..it doesn't take that much effort to be more compassionate...

I would use the word they and not we. I havent saved a starving child but I have helped a lot of people in other ways. I do the best I can with what I have, and I know you will to. <br />
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Everyone is different. some people were born to care others wernt.

Exactly but the fact that MOST people don't care hurts me...The fact we can sit back and let this happen is repulsive..What happens to empathy? What happens to compassion? How can people have such a cold heart? I don't understand and perhaps never will...<br />
But I refuse to let myself turn cynical about it..Because if I don't remain as one of those few that cares than there would really be a problem...I can only speak for myself and for my actions and I sense that my way of thinking is not in vain..That somewhere out there not all is lost..Others out there must care too..I have to keep some grasp of hope in all that is this appalling reality..

That isnt possible is what I am trying to tell you. You can't control humanity, and you cant make people who dont care to care. All you really can do is help as many people as you can yourself. People who care will do something to help and people who dont care will never change.

But I am not suggesting that every starving child needs to be saved..I am saying that is plausible to feed every child if we set out to do that as HUMANITY..and more so that the fact we don't do anything about it is appalling

I didnt say that at all. I said all we can do is our best. I cant save every single starving child.

King46 thanks, I'll be sure to check it out...

Wow........So are you really saying that leaving children to starve is okay? Do you really think that we can justify doing nothing simply for the fact that we might do something "wrong" by helping some starving children?

Sometimes people just do crazy things there are many groups like Care2.com that u can join and help people. I am a member of this site and I suggest you should join it. Look at what they are talking about I promise you will like it.

Not always it isnt. Sometimes actions can do more harm then good. all you can do is be the best person you can be and teach your children to do the same.

Yea but ANYTHING is far better than doing nothing, wouldn't you agree?

I didnt say it was okay, but we can't end it 100%. a lot of us try really hard to help improve things. What can we do about the people who dont? we cant force them to do anything.

Yea I see what you're saying but we are specifically talking about the issue at hand..and I can't and refuse to accept the fact that it is is okay to see children starve to death..

I rather be told the facts, and people lie in order to get their way of living supported. Not everything lied about is for positive change. Taking care of the planet is a no brainier, but how about other things?

Okay so people would lie in order to try to make some positive change? Well although that is propaganda it is far better than people being completely dismissive about it like most people are today...I rather be fed the lie that we can feed people than being told we can't and just continue to let people die because we believe we can't do anything about it..

It isnt possible to be accurate like that. It isnt possible to have such a monitor over the worlds population. We can only make guesses at it, and that is all this is. It is like the global warming events with al gore. He reported things as fact with scientific prooff but then it got leaked out that he was lying about things, and he got other scientist to lie about them as well just to support his cause.

It might not be 100% but it is far more creditable than other sources and honestly it sounds pretty accurate..<br />
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And no most people don't need that many calories.. no matter how you put it doesn't mean that people need those calories to LIVE..but I see what you're saying

You can find offical text books that contradict each other. Just because it is in a book doesnt mean it is credible, but it is impossible to be 100% exact on these numbers. <br />
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you are right that food gets wasted all of the time and that is wrong, but there is no possible way to control all of the food. Not everyone is an athlete but there are a lot of hard workers who burn those cals.

It's a reliable source silly :P I wouldn't be dumb enough to post it if it were a bunch of bullshit...I found this in my Human Geography text book and it was collected from some creditable source and wouldn't be in a OFFICIAL AP text book otherwise lol..And yes everyone has different caloric needs but that doesn't COMPLETELY dismantle the validity of the the statement NOT everyone in the world is an athlete and could use so many calories..And you have to admit (that in the U.S. in particular) people eat a shitload and DO b[i]tch about their weight...so it's like they are complaining about calories someone else could have used

and where are your facts from? because not all of that is true. There is no way of knowing the exact amount on any of that. Plus people have different needs of intake. A swimmer can burn over 10k cals a day. And other people way more then that. There is no set amount of food we need to take in it is different for every person.

Umm actually there is..."The world produces enough food to feed everyone. World agriculture produces 17 percent more calories per person today than it did 30 years ago, despite a 70 percent population increase. This is enough to provide everyone in the world with at least 2,720 kilocalories (kcal) per person per day (FAO 2002, p.9)"<br />
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And Yes I completely agree with you on that..

No there really isnt enough food to feed all even if rationed. The world is over populated, and do you know what it would take to ration the entire world of over 7 billion people? <br />
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No, even if the country has the power it doesnt mean it is right. The majority of the world should have the vote to step in.

Yes there will always be a disparity between rich and poor that is inevitable; what angers me is to the degree that this variation reaches..There is enough food to feed everyone if the correct rations of food were given out and people didn't gorge themselves with food and then b[i]tch about their weight! It's like what the heck?!<br />
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But yes I completely agree that entire nations need to step up and make some sort of change..one person on their own can't make everything better; not even one single powerful country has such command to do so..but I rather keep the politics out of this because the fact that nothing is being done (by them) repulses me :( BUT then again, for the most part, don't regular citizens elect the government? That must mean that most people don't care for others' suffering...

There will always be starvation while the world is over populated. No amount of technology is going to fix that. There will always be rich, and poor. That is something that will never change. We dont have any right to change a country on our own though. If something was wrong enough the united nations should step in and vote to try and make a change. That way it isnt one country dictating over another.

Yea I see what you're saying, but I don't think their is a necessity to let it be like that any longer..It just boggles my mind how children can die due to hunger or how it is okay to kill someone for their sexual orientation..

What is right and wrong? It use to be okay to murder rape or steal. It was survival of the strong and that was the way of the land. As we evolve the rules and society changes. Every country has its own laws and morals. If they dont tell us how to live can we tell them how to live? What right do we have to interfere with how they live? <br />
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As far as the US goes I think we as a society agree this stuff is wrong and we do what we can to help our own.

Is it really okay to let people die?<br />
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And it's not just "other" countries it us too! Things like these happen in the U.S. too!!

Is it really okay to tell another culture how to live and what to do?