This Group Isn't Bigger?

Come on denizens of EP.  Anyway, yes I do.  But it raises another interesting question.  Some marine biologists in San Diego have suggested the dolphins be considered the worlds first non-human people.  This measure, though I unfortunately feel that it is unlikely to be recognized, would necessarily lead to the expansion of human rights to non-human people.  This would perhaps be something like the "Rights of Sapience" and allowing dolphins into the fold would perhaps lead to the inclusion of other intelligent species.  My point being, that if the subject of recognizing these right in other species has been broached, why shouldn't every human already have them?  I mean, I know in principle each person does, but what about in practice?
Xuan Xuan
26-30, M
1 Response Aug 8, 2010

Wow you are right. I never thought of it that way. <br />
It makes me think of what this one speaker said.<br />
If you were to decide to aboard your dogs babies, you'd be fined a whole hell a lot of money.<br />
Though it's okay to kill a human in your stomach.<br />
I believe in human rights, but when you are taking away a life, is that really your human right to do that?<br />
I don't believe it is. <br />
Some things are just crossing the line.