Meeting John Edwards

I have a signed picture of Bobby Kennedy addressed to my mom and dad in my living room. I have pounded the pavement campaigning for Gore then Kerry and to my horror have seen the results of having these elections snatched away. During the Kerry election I was lucky enough to attend the California Democratic Convention. I fell over for John Edwards right off the bat. When Kerry got it I at least had Edwards on the ticket and I traveled to Reno the next state over to see him speak and shake his hand. I was swept back to the Camelot years. I thought I had seen it all with Nixon but the state of my Country brings me close to despair. John Edwards inspires me. He gives be that spark of hope I need to believe our government can move forward and right itself.
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2 Responses May 20, 2007

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You know, I really liked him too, until I found out that he is against gay marriage.