I Support Joyful Heart ...

I support Joyful Heart because such a charity is necessary for the millions of people who have had the illness of others forced upon them.  Joyful Heart provides services necessary for inner healing from the outside invasions of someone else's insanity. 

I was 7 y/o, raped on the bathroom floor with my family four rooms away.  He told me he would kill my infant brother in his sleep and my mother if I screamed or told anyone.  It took me a very long time to tell my Mother, I was 28 y/o when I did; only because he showed up on her doorstep looking for shelter.  At that time, my daughter was 4 y/o and what I couldn't do for myself, I did for my child.

With grace and mercy, I have made peace with the nightmares and the memory of his smell and the fact that he was a cousin (18 y/o) whom I loved very dearly up until that moment. 

Joyful Heart reaches out to those afraid to tell their families, to those who would rather live a full life than the nightmare.  I am very grateful for the opportunity Ms. Hargitay utilized to serve the greater good! I am thankful for all the survivors, the overcomers and the strength to tell my story.  Thank you.
Charisselemonde Charisselemonde
Apr 23, 2011