I Want To Rub Nipples With A Woman

All I know is I want to lay with a woman. I want to french kiss her, feeling her tongue throughout my mouth sucking my bottom lip. Oh how I would love to lay with her, french kissing her hands roaming to her nipples, licking her neck. French kissing her passionately, our legs and arms entwined hands freely feeling, grabbing our nipples and rubbing them together. We each hold our own taught hard nipples searching for each others, out nipples gravitate like magnets. Ahhhhhh, how magnificent it feels to wet our nipples with spit as we rub and groan. Our ******* getting wetter, our deep holes leaking. I can smell her scent, her scent of sex the smell she releases from her ***** signaling it is begging to be eatin. I can smell my dipping scent as well, I want to love her. I want to dive into her hole of beauty, her pool of nectar. Im thinking how I will gently lick her **** with the tip of my hard tongue. I want to hear the woman's groan and the first lick, that first lick after she has been waiting not sure "will she lick me?" then Ahhhhhhhhhhhh and shudders. In my case it would be an explosion as in Im am being licked by a woman and the first lick will surely make me groan so loud I know I will surely come by the second lick.
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1 Response May 17, 2012

Wowzaa, are you sure you've never done this before, lol :p