Who Cares!!

there are people in the world that think when the same sex is together its a problem.NO IT'S NOT there is no problem with lesbians if they think they dont like boys but likes girls thats not a problem for example my friend dorothy is a lesbian when her mom found out she threw dorothy out of the house and told her "dont ever come near me till you get back to reality" i mean thats just bull she likes girls who cares its not a big deal i wouldn't give a f**ck if my kid was a lesbian i would be shocked i admit but i would support them its there choice im totally cool with lesbians there people too but others who thinks thats wrong treats them badly well they need to shut the f**ck up there a lesbian again NOT A PROBLEM!!!!

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And this is not a sickness!! This is not a choose...We just born this way!.

People need to see what really matters, like whats wrong with loving someone, im not gay, but i support it

AMEN brother lol