What My Mother Doesn't Know

First of all im Pansexual which means you love someone for their personality not gender or race or anything

Well long story short me and my girl friend met 2 or 3 years ago through a mutual friend of ours we had met and had been friends ever since but it was kinda hard to stay in touch with her in Austin and me in Georgetown but we tried our best we hung out a few times it was always a good time with her

We told each other everything all about our lives and our secrets and ever time she talked about her and a guy together it kinda made me jealous but i thought maybe that was because i didn't want anyone to be more important to her than me because we're best friends i didn't think much about it at all really

Well you know how when young girls get to that age and they get kinda bi curious well i became that and i told her about it and she told me that shed already kissed a girl before i was kinda like oh well i want to kiss a girl before i get out of high school and have a bi curious moment and i told her i wouldn't mind if it was her because if i was ever really to go bi or lesbian i would want to for her and she said one day soon if we ever see each other again that she would kiss me

Time passes and were talking on the phone and skyping a lot now it's probably mid freshmen year for me and iv definitely made up mi mind that i have some kind of feelings for her and i just need to tell her so one day i do and she kinda didn't say much she thought it was funny because a lot of her bi friends at school had a crush on her and now me well i felt stupid for telling her but then she told me that there was feelings she had for me that we're a little more then friends too but she wasn't sure about them yet

One day were talking about meeting half way so i could go spend the night at her house since it had been forever since i had seen her

when we saw each other for the first time we got shy and blushy that's when we knew for sure that something was going on between us

Long story short i ended up staying for the whole weekend and we kissed... A lot...

When we finally have time to text again were talking about our feelings now and how we really like each other and were ready to take it to maybe being in an actual relationship so July it happens and we're together and we talk all the time and i talk about her a lot but... My mom doesn't know we're dating cause i was raised Christian so that's like a big no no

Well one day were planning on seeing each other again and it comes to the night before im supposed to go and see her and boom i get in trouble my mom takes my phone reads our messages and its bye bye girlfriend well i get totally cut off from her for 45 days and when i finally get my phone back my mom deleted her number all her pictures i had of her and put her on my auto reject list on my phone and she tells me she doesn't want me to talk to her ever again well.... I memorized her number so i send her a text as soon as i got the chance and told her that nothing is going to stand in the way of us being together that's a promise we've been together for 6 months and a week on the down low and my mom still doesn't know that i still talk to her every day... Im in love with her i just want to run away and be with her no one else gets me like she does
SamSarah711 SamSarah711
18-21, F
Jan 18, 2013