My Story

Well here you go a rare story that I am sure not a whole lot of people know. Ok I was all of 22 I went on my parents WEB TV. I met Melissa (aka Paige) in a chatroom the Park. We started talking there on Jan 23,1998. I was totally taken by her. I remember a conversation her and I had over email I asked her what do you want for Valentines Day? She said you wrapped up in a bow. Little did we both know that it was about to happen. Well not the bow part. It was Febuary 10,1998 I walked to the nearest liabrary over 5 miles away from home to email her and say I have had enough of my parents I will be coming tonight. So off I go called a friend who in turn picked me up at the Library and took me to get an instant refund on my taxes. So got that done went back to my parents house pack only two duffle bags and then had my friend pick up another friend and off we went to bus the Greyhound bus station. I bought my ticket for I think it was 1115pm bus.

Now let me tell you at this point I have no idea what Melissa even looks like. No idea what so ever because the picture she sent me had not arrived yet. Ok so here I am bus ticket in hand and only a couple hundread dollars to my name. I have never gone more then 6 hours from home. So I went to dinner with my friends and then they took me to the bus station. Off I went it was going to take 30 hours to get to Ontario. SO off my little 22 old *** goes.

So fast forward to me being stuck on a Greyhound bus with scary *** people and no where to shower I show up in London Ontario.... I am nervous as hell because I have no idea what Melissa looks like none.. She knows what I look like sort of the only pic I had was my Graduation pic from high school. So I am at the bus station I have just enough time to go wash up a bit. Now mind you I have not been able to take a shower in two days so grunge is the word for me. So I go and sit and wait till Melissa shows. So here I was looking at the ground when all of the sudden I had a feeling. I looked up and there she was. I stood up and hugged her. It was ther that I felt her melt. We have been together since

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