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From the moment I saw her, she had me mesmerized. For a long time, I'd walk into the class we shared and watch her from a distance. She was different than anybody I have ever met. Before I even knew her name, her baby blue eyes and long brown hair was appearing in my dreams. She had this smile and this laugh that replayed in my mind at night. Eventually, through mutual friends, I got my chance to be around her. My first attempt to talk to her was an absolute disaster.  We were on a field trip, at the beach. We just got off a boat when she announced she was thirsty, so I said "I can fix that," and strolled off the dock to find a store. I simply bought her and friend a coke. I brought it to her and she got enraged. She asked me questions like " Why would you do this for me, you don't even know me." I was shocked. I told her I was just trying to show her some kindness,apologized, and walked away, heartbroken. Obviously, there were alot of walls I had to break down and tear through before I could even call her my bestfriend. However, with time and paitence, we became inseperable. Our laughter and inside jokes was our ticket into being pulled out of class for "heart to heart talks" with our teachers and threats of aftershcool detention. That didn't come close to stopping us. We skipped class together, shared everything, and were in constant laughter.  I taught her how to skateboard, she taught me how to fix my hair. I also got to know her better. I learned that she had been a cheerleader her whole life, her favorite color was pink, and that she was Micheal Jackon's biggest fan. I also learned we have the same taste in music. However, she refrained from telling me anything deep. Her past was a complete mystery to me. Well, one night, I asked her to a concert with me, and spend the night at my house for the first time. That night, she blew my mind, she opened up to me. She told  me stories of her past and of her pain, It broke my heart. She had gone through many of the same things I'd gone through.  Before I knew it, I was telling her my darkest secrets and revealing my deepest scars. I earned her trust, and she earned mine. I understood her in a way, that nobody had before. She undersood me in a way, I never thought possible. Her actions of when we first met became extremely clear. I understood why she was so untrusting, she understood why I was so wild. We began telling each other everything. Not only did we talk at shcool, but on the phone at home, constantly. Every weekend possible, she was at my house. Our feelings grew deeper and a passion was created. Neither one of us had ever been with a girl or even talked about it. Therfore, all our  feelings were foreign to us. I didn't know why everytime she lightly brushed against me that my heart skipped. I didn't get why everytime she called me that my heart sped up. I didn't understand why the sound of her name had me breathless. All I knew, was that I craved more. We still acted like bestfriends. We had sugar fights at 3AM, went to the movies,  and made a slip-n-slide out of my kitchen. But, flirting became daily, our touches began to linger, and our eyes lock. One night we were laying down when she layed her head on my arm. To my suprize, she stayed like that all night. The next night, instead of laying her head on my arm, she layed her head on my shoulder. At shcool, everbody teased that we were secret lovers and we joked it off. However, I couldn't help but question what exactly we were. I knew we were no normal pair of bestfriends, but I didn't know what that meant. Every weekend, she came home to the safety of my arms. The warmth of her embrace was amazing. At night, I watched her sleep. The sound of her soft breathing escorted me to a state of peace and comfort far beyond what anything else could cause. I realized nothing, and nobody was as beautiful as her, and that I was the luckiest girl in the world to have her in my life.  Summer rolled around, and she basically lived at my house. She had her own space in my closet and her own drawer in my dresser. We were content laying in each others' arms all day. I began catching myself staring at her lips while she spoke, and biting my own as I thought about it. One night, we sat in a room that we named the window room. It was late at night and everybody was asleep. The stars in our Georiga sky shone brighter than they ever have before and the moon beamed through the windows and lit up her gorgeous  face. Our fingers were intertwined and my arms were wrapped tightly around her. She brought up the subject of kissing. I teased that if I ever tried to kiss her that she would freak out. She playfully said that she wouldn't. I replied with oh really? I inched my face towards hers and softly said "Yes, you would." I felt her body tighten, heard her breath speed, and saw the most sensual of expressions cross her face. Her gentle voice broke through an octave as she said "would not." This playful fight continued and with every word spoken, our faces grew closer and closer. Words could not explain the emotions running through me. Passion filled the room and our heartbeats grew faster and faster. I looked into her eyes and the look she gave back sent a rush to my core. I gently brushed my lips against hers. Our tongues met with tenderness and my body was set on fire with passion as I pulled her closer. Her kiss contained a power than I was unaware of existing. We kissed for a hours before deciding to go to bed. Feeling her soft lips against mine for the first time, has to be one of the best memories I have.  The way her sweet beath mingled with mine, the way her kiss tasted, the way she looked at me, It all was so intoxicating. That night, she fell asleep in my tight embrace. Before being swept away in a world of dreams, I kissed her forehead and whispered " I love you" gently in my moon-lit room.

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You're a great writer. I love your story. It's a lot like mine.

aww, that's so sweet.. Wishing you all the best..

Omg this is adorablee, its so cute u fell for ur best friend :)

how lovely story, romantic =)

That was pretty damn arousing, wonderfully written im happy that you experienced this in your life, thanks for sharing

im truly amazed at how well you wrote this. it was so loving and so genuine, not only did i feel like i was there, you made me seem like i was you! it took me back to when i first fell in love with a woman. so glad to see you guys are still together. You have something special, dont let it go!

Thanks guys.:)<br />
I was 12 when I wrote this, and now I'm 15.<br />
It means a lot that you guys would say such sweet things. <br />
Makes my day, everytime I see it.:)

What you described was just lovely in a single or two gender relationship. I SIMPLY LOVED IT!!!!

OK, I'm crying now.

What an incredibly beautiful story: it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so, so much for sharing an incredible story, and I'm so glad to know you're still together. ;-D

Gah, so cute! Sounds like a wonderful relationship. :D


Yeah, shes still my girl.:)<br />
<br />
Thank yall. Very Much.

are you still together<br />
i wish you are.<br />
<br />
u xplaind so nicely that i can imagin myself there being watchin you.

Thank y'all very much.<br />
Comments like that make my day.:)

that was very nice. loved the story of you two.

So so beautiful story. So so romantic. Thank you for your sharing such a wonderful story!

write more long stories!

One of best love story so far, that i read. Beautifully describe inner thoughts and feelings.<br />
Thank you for sharing...

I loved it!! I enjoyed very much reading are sooo should consider writing a novel or something, you are very good describing your feelings and were able to make me feel like you feel... Please write more... : )<br />
<br />
Xoxo<br />
<br />

I can't breathe, your story has taken my heart. Seriously it has been the best love story I've ever read. Thanks for the excitement you produced within me, Thank you!!!!!

Wow, what a beautiful love story thank you for sharing,

That is very kind of you to say, Thank you.

Thank you.(=

Just lovely ur first lov and first kiss! you told this with such passion! Thank you! ur beautiful! ur lucky to have had this experience in your life!~xox