I loved her more than she ever was capable of returning we both came from broken places seen beauty in eachothers faces that let one another know love would instantaneously come knocking on our doors. more and more we fought our love for she tortured me in more ways then one your a *****, a loser I can't stand the sight of you to your my best friend your my heart I cant go on with out you. Doomed I was if I stayed for many nights it continued on this way, may she be blessed and at peace with herself for I left know I couldn't continuously allow her to bring me and my self worth down
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My sister in law was killed by her long term and jealous lesbian lover. Had they been able to marry in Louisianna they would have. The murder suicide hurt many who found these women dear. I am so sorry for your pain. Domestic violence is real and dangerous in all communities.I wish you peace, I wish you joy,Bob

I'm sorry.=(