Lesbians Are Wonderful.

i love lesbians. they are so confident int ehir sexuality and know exactly what they want. i love it. i wish i could choose a side, but i cant. i just love both sexes too much. But whenever i date girls their almost alwasy lesbians. I dont really want to date anyone like me, and lesbians are so sexya nd strong, i love it. i actually dated a girl recently named tara. she was so sexy because she was so confident in ehr sexuality and she didnt care who knew it. That was always the first thing she said when someone walked into her apartment, "hi my name is tara and i am a full blown lesbian and if you have a problem witht hat, that door is right behind you. i loved that.

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Nobody knows what they want. And you will choose a side..only god knows when.

I love lesbians

Im a lesbo. Good to know :">

Love the story but I don't think being confident in who you are necessarily has anything to do with being a lesbian. I am a lesbian but I let people get to know who I really am first before I tell them who I sleep with behind closed doors, it has very little to do with who you are on the inside !!

she's so cool..

I would say the same thing she did!

Being sure of who you are really is an admirable trait to have.:)