One Of Those With Broken Heart

We divorce with my ex year ago. After 4 years he just told me that he didn’t love me and he met somebody else. It took me for while to recover. Then I m et that guy (he was only one since my divorce)couple month ago, we were hang out for 3 month and then he told me that he just wanted to have fun and not ready for a relationship. I was so sad and told him that it not going to work with us, we went a part. Last week I found out that my ex engaged to another woman and last guy whom I date have serious relationship with girl. It hurts so bad, don’t want to do anything. I feel like something wrong with me. I am very nice girl, don’t mess with people around , maybe little shy and too nice, that everybody just use me.

AnatoliaLana AnatoliaLana
26-30, F
Jun 6, 2011