My Beloved Reds

I have been a liverpool fc supporter for nearly 24 years now. Its really an irony. My dad is Man Utd fan for all of his life and we would always enjoys friendly banter with each other regarding our club's rivalries. Liverpool Fc is in my blood, and I have enjoyed many ups and downs in life together with them. I remembered cryin with tears of happiness when we triumphed over Ac Milan in the 2005 Champions league. For me that balmy night in Istanbul was the most happiest memorable night ever for me personally. I feared the worst for Liverpool now eversince Hicks and Gillett took control of the club. They are ruining my beloved club with their heinous bastardly acts of selfishness. This season of 2010/2011 looks bleak and I dont think we will be challenging for the league title. It has been 20 years now since we are crowned Champions of England, since then every season has been a massive dissapointments for us in the league. I dont know if I will ever see Liverpool fc lifts a league title again in my lifetime, but 25th of May 2005 will always be the most happiest night of my life ever.
yazed yazed
31-35, M
1 Response Jul 30, 2010

hey, liverpool fan i also support liverpool, istantanbul is carved in history as the place where liverpool marked their name as the champions of europe. we just have to hope for the best in the future for liverpool !!!!!