I Support Liverpool Fc

 .... and have done so since 1974, when I was four years old!

It's my Mum's fault! She was supposed to buy me a Sunderland football kit - as they had won the FA Cup the year before.


However the only kit she could get was a Liverpool kit. She bought a number "8" as well and sewed it on the back for me. Brian Hall ("Little Bamber") was Liverpool's number eight at the time and he became my favourite player - quickly replaced by Kevin Keegan.

Then, of course, came the King - Kenny Dalglish. My hero ever since.

No titles since 1990 - but one day we will be the greatest again.




robadelaide robadelaide
3 Responses May 19, 2008

our club is in good hands now that king kenny has returned and has bought some fantastic pla<x>yers such as stewart downing and charlie adam.

liverpool is the best and the best experience of my life was in 2005 in istanbul where liverpool became champions of europe !!!

This is the year,the premiership comes home !!!!!!!!