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Both of my boys were Circumcised. I think it looks Cleaner and Healthier.Just wash them off and they are done...i don't think i could handle washing under that extra skin In fear of hurting them.. a few of my friends didn't have it done to their boys, and now they are regretting it .....
Aprilm32 Aprilm32 31-35, F 66 Responses Mar 15, 2012

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even though its considered genital mutilation , cleaning under the skin is of major importance, the foreskin can get stuck to the shaft of the penis when its not cleaned properly and its much more painful to tear the foreskin back than just getting the circum in the beginning

Ahem, it is a male genital upgrade and hardly fits the definition of mutilation. There is zero loss of intended function of the male sexual organ being sexual stimulation, reproduction and urination. It is not like circumcised men are sexually disabled in any way. I can tell you first hand that my anatomy performs fully to both my Wife's and my satisfaction and her vote is the ONLY one that counts in our home. She lets me get a lot of practice at it too.

One suggestion though this is not something that is done TO boys it is something that is done FOR them and for their future partners.

I of course was circumcised when I was a baby. I thought that that was just normal to look like that I had no idea that you had to get a surgery to make it look like that. I do agree that it is quite easy to keep it clean. There can be medical problems with women too because it's not as clean having sex with a man like that is uncircumcised. I do think that it does look cleaner and better myself on me.

I was about 16 the first time I saw a baby boy who was not circumcised. At that age I didn't know what circumcision was, I thought there was something wrong with him and felt really sorry for him. I mentioned it to my mom who told me that was how all baby boys looked when they were born and a medical procedure was done to remove the extra skin.

Awesome. I wholeheartedly agree. I was circumcised, and it's cleaner looking, and I haven't had any problems with a loss of feeling during sex.

There is a significant move to "not" circumcise, and leave foreskin in place. It's not difficult to slide the foreskin back to clean, and it is great feeling during sex.

Ahem - If you read the experience carefully it says I support male circumcision - you do not seem to belong here which begs the question why post at all when your opinion does not belong here?

Ahem!! Mate really, climb back under your rock. If someone wants to have an opinion and does it in a non offensive way then let them be. Who are you to be the judge of someone else's experience?

Conpletely agree with you Aprilm32 !! I'm clipped and I think it is the best way to go.


I have just looked up the female mutilation (ain't the internet a wonderful tool to help dispel ignorance).
Nowhere could I find a valid reason for the actual practice ?.
I can sort of understand with a male, if the doctor says he may have some sort of trouble peeling the skin back to go for a leak or something ?,, (but not because some 'mother' is too squimish to pull back the skin and clean it herself, that is a pathetic excuse for lazy parenting), But,, that female version is nothing short of sadistic brutality.
What those poor woman and girls go through is beyond my understanding :(
My heart bleeds for them.

Some Muslims wrongly believe that cutting off some of the female fiddly bits is pleasing to God.

Many African tribes justify the FGM they practice using language quite similar to what American parents say when justifying the circumcisions they impose on their newborn sons. They deny all sadistic intention, and firmly believe that FGM makes a woman more pleasing to men.
BTW, FGM is generally performed by adult women, who do it to girls who can be as old as 16.

I remember being about 15-16 and not even knowing anything about circumcision. I saw a young boy who was uncircumcised and thought there was something wrong and felt sorry for him. I asked my mom about it and she explained what it was.

I had a similar conversation with my teenage daughter.

Ps,,,, I had mine done solely for religious reasons. That is partly why I now reject those tenents.

Do 'They' remove the whole clitoris when they do the female circumcision ?. It was my belief that they only removed the hood of skin covering it ?. If I am wrong in that assumption I will gladly apologise to all those mutilated females that have been through that horrendous ordeal.
I am so glad they left me with the head of my penis at least. Gee,, thank's for that ;)

There never has been a study that asked a random sample of 10,000 African and Muslim women to slip out of their knickers and put their feet in gyno stirrups, so that their vulvas could be carefully examined for evidence of surgical modification. Hence we do not know what FGM entails in practice.
Hanny Lightfoot-Klein and others have written that the details of FGM vary. Sometimes the clitoris is multilated. Sometimes just the hood is trimmed. Sometimes FGM mainly attacks just the labia minora. Infibulation, fortunately, is rare.

it was explained to me that they do it to women to stop them from enjoying sex...complete mutilation and removal of the **** very sic :(

You cut off part of your baby's body because it "looks" better and you can't be bothered to clean it? Don't have more children please.

Totally agree with you, it's just the same as washing and keeping clean any other body part. And if proper hygiene is taught from the start there won't be a problem.

I fully agree with you regarding circumcising my sons.

Australia is a country that traditionally circumcised its male babies, I was born in the UK and was not, my stepson was circumcised 3 times unsuccessfully before my now wife told them to stop, her ex was, and his son was going to be, I have 3 biological sons none of whom have been or have suffered any problems, hygiene was taught from an early age. I have never had a woman complain that my penis smelt off or did not taste good. I only eat red meat a couple of times a week, lots of fruit, chicken and fish and have been complimented on the taste of my *********.
There are a lot of "old wives tales" and superstitions regarding male genital mutilation and it is a very emotive subject for some.

The British middle and upper classes often circumcised their baby boys, 1870-1950. The NHS announced in 1950 that they would not pay for it, and the practice soon died out. When it comes to the tip of the penis, the British have shown a curious good sense.
New Zealand defunded the practice in 1969, and it gradually died out there. Canadian provinces gradually defunded the practice between 1975 and 2004, but the rate remains as high as 30%. It is mostly done in the surgeries of doctors who specialise in cutting babies. Australia has not totally defunded the practice, but the rate has fallen to 15%. Ireland never circumcised routinely.

The problem is the United States of America, that Empire of the Bald Penis, where millions of parents cannot accept What Nature Intended. Where nearly all doctors are either circumcised males or married to such. Hence American doctors suffer from crippled common sense. Their minds are closed to the possibility that the foreskin is sexually valuable. American medical schools refuse to teach the truth about the most sexual part of the male body, clutching at "research" that fails a common sense test, namely that if the natural penis is unhealthy in a world where men shower daily and can buy condoms in any supermarket, than European and Japanese data would clearly reveal this fact. I have yet to encounter a study showing that Europe and Japan have higher rates of this or that urological problem. They have lower rates of STDs than the USA. American doctors also have never questioned women who have been intimate with both kinds of men.

I am Australian and am not circumcised. Without having researched the subject and only relying on limited contact through sport and general conversation I can say that more people that I know aren't circumcised, however not by much.

There are other American mothers who regret having had 1 or more sons cut in the past. There are men who hate the fact that their mothers had them cut at birth. The only way forward here is to let every man decide the fate of his foreskin, after he turns 18.

Have you done your own foreskin over your own clitoris ?. Why not ??

Many Muslims and African tribes agree with you ;)
AprilM32 may believe that the urethra turns a clean sexy organ (the clitoris) into a dirty and repugnant organ (the natural penis). I have read that there are women with hygiene problems under the clitoral foreskin, because most mothers are much too prudish to talk to their daughters about clitoral hygiene. I suspect that a powerful but unspoken reason behind surgical alteration of the genitalia, is parents who are too embarrassed to talk about the fiddly bits both genders happen to have. Circumcision is grounded in shame.

i agree with you.i am and glad of it.

Many years ago when our son was born the doctor brought up the subject if we wanted to have it done or not. My husband without hesitation or even asking me immediately answered said something like " yes, of course we want it done."

yes , circumcised ***** are clean and higeonic and it is smell very fresh. its taste really good .

Fine. Welcome to cruising Moslem and Jewish men. But your preference should not decide the fate of the penis of an American newborn. The baby will one day become a man, and that man may have opinions about sex and genitalia that differ from yours.

well its a little too late for him I guess...I am the parent RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

But he will turn 18 one day, and have a mind that is fully his own. That fact should be respected from the moment of birth.

Parents have many responsibilities, rights and obligations. They make MANY choices when raising children. What values to teach them, which schools they will attend, respect and discipline - among the many minor decisions is circumcision. I agree totally with you on the subject - Mothers get to decide what penis style they prefer their Son's to have and if they choose to have to deal with the maintenance issues or not and what their future sexual partners will have to put up with. When a parent pays the bills to bring up a child they get certain rights along with those obligations and circumcision is but one of them. No One - no one at all - gets to tell you differently or has the right to question or criticize your choices. Opinions are like rear ends - everyone has one. I was circumcised by the choice of my parents, I respect their choice for me, know it was done out of love and caring and I suffer no functional impediment what so ever for the loving choice that was made for me. I have pity for those men and boys who were not so loved. No Woman - not one - will reject a man only for the reason that he has no foreskin. There are Women who will refuse a man who still retains one. Circumcision thus widens a man's future sexual prospects and does NOTHING to limit them.

I've never had my sexual prospects limited by having a foreskin. Would you turn a woman down because of the size and prominence of her labia?

There are women for whom the mere idea of a foreskin would make them RETCH.

Well I've seen one or two on dating sites state a preference but never been turned down in real life. In fact the American girls I've been with rather enjoyed the novelty value and one was positively obsessed!

If you say so then you are perhaps fortunate but you are writing on an experience where the Mother of two boys DECIDED to circumcise them based upon HER experience and HER preference and who exercised her RIGHTS as the parents of those boys to CIRCUMCISE them for good and valid reasons. You can rail against her rights and obligations as a Parent but it is SHE who is raising those boys from infants to men and it is SHE who gets to decide these things among many other decisions FOR these boys - no not to these boys. What you will never know is that a circumcised penis works perfectly fine thanks very much - it delivers great pleasure to the owner. You like your foreskin - which is fine. I have a very close friend who was circumcised as an adult and he and his Wife both say that circumcised is better and they both lived with his penis both ways. You like me have no means of comparison so I depend such information. for the comparative while knowing as a user and owner of a circumcised penis that mine works perfectly well - and it gets a hugely disproportionate amount of sexual use in our marriage - my Wife prefers that we have sex each day so that is exactly what we do. At well into my fifties it works very well for the purpose with zero levels of problems - never one issue of ED, no problems delivering or receiving pleasure, it is visually appealing to my Wife at all times and in all states and it is always perfectly clean with no maintenance required what so ever. In summary there is nothing wrong with it and a whole lot right about it - and most importantly my Wife as the principle consumer - likes it - a LOT, frequently and regularly.

Good for you. Mine functions perfectly well, gives me endless pleasure for free and has been loved by many women who love having sex multiple times a day. I'm not saying circumcision is right or wrong I'm just share my personal experience. What I don't understand is why everyone in group tells me that I'm lying and I'm wrong about my own experience. As you say I can't compare being circumcised because I've never experienced it so how can someone else tell me that I'm wrong about something I have experienced that they have no experience of? I just object to being told that I must be lying by people who know nothing about me.

No one said you are lying - I sure did not - but I will say you have no business here - what so ever. You have no business criticizing a decision that a Mother made based upon her own experiences and her own preferences - in any form. And while your penis works well for you - so do penises that have been circumcised. So you have your backyard to play in and we have ours - and we can stay out of yours with our preferences and you can please stay the heck out of ours with yours.

You have no business here and you will make no friends and gain no followers here.

This is an open forum and I'm merely sharing my experience of a related subject. If you want a forum to share your love of a particular experience without hearing any opposing view points do it on a closed forum. I've posted plenty of things here in groups that I know won't people won't agree with but I'm happy to hear the opinions and experiences as that's part of the joy of the freedom of speech.

This experience is called I support circumcision - please learn to read or do we need to send you back to grade one? You do NOT support circumcision and YOU do NOT belong here. This is not a debating society and you take your freedoms and express them where you belong. You are not properly part of this experience and you have nothing of value to add to it. Honestly how would you feel if I was to flame "I adore and cherish my foreskin" with it is the most foul filthy disgusting stinking disease infested bacteria harbouring piece of crap on the face of the planet and no self respecting woman would EVER willingly want anything to do with such a vile disgusting man who disrespects women by presenting their ****** coated schlong to them and actually expects women to enjoy it? How would you feel if I said that all men who still have foreskins should be mortally ashamed at having them and should be marginalized and shamed into running to a doctor to have this stinking piece of meat removed from their penis and join civilized society? Look you are boring and your views are not in the least appreciated here - I really could not be more plain if I tried to be.

I'd say you were welcome to that opinion but I don't sgree with it. It's called being a courteous grown up.

And my comments have hardly been on a par with that kind of abuse.

I was just giving examples of abuse - you have not been abused - except by perhaps your parents. Now go play where you are wanted and where you belong - because it is not here.....

Oh and your parents disrespected women enough to let you out of the nursery with skin hanging over the end of your penis. Does this not make you feel less than welcome here? I sure hope it does.

No can't say that bothers me. My father is circumcised and clearly had his reasons to leave me au naturel. I'm off on holiday so enjoy your weekend.

Oh and it doesn't hang it just sits neatly allowing a glimpse of what lies beneath.

Higeonic? Sounds like some kind of scientific freezing process!

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Don't recall ever washing under my foreskin until I was a teenager and never had a problem. I usually only get any kind of deposit when dehydrated as then it's not damp enough down there to be self-cleaning.

it must smell and feel wonderful for women going down on you...

I was thinking the exact same thing. What self respecting woman would look forward to having any thing to do with such a \"fine\" piece of male anatomy? I can see she would really look forward to him stuffing his smelly salami into her mouth or elsewhere - and a hand job? The only hand job he would get is self inflicted. The very thought is revolting.

Self cleaning - with what stale urine? Give me a blessed break - this guy is a poster child for the reasons for circumcision.

\"No washing until I was a teenager\"...that doesn\'t make much sense unless he lived by himself in the middle of the woods. Irritation would have been such (and adherences, probably) that any school nurse or pediatrician would have sent him straight to the the circumcision unit. In my view, that\'s another one of the intactivist flamers...or a real, real pig!

Ha - too funny - and he says it does not smell badly.... either he better get his nose checked out or it is a long distance from it to the end of his penis. This guy sounds totally disgusting.

Honestly never had a problem. Used to pull it back playing with it but never had any irritation or adherences. These days give it a good rinse every day and a extra good clean if I expect anyone else will be going near it. You do know urine is sterile?

So nobody goes down on you, between your love of ****** and your enjoyment of urine...good luck

Plenty of people go down on me as there is no ******. Here in the UK it\'s more common to be uncircumcised and contrary to what it seems the US medical establishment tells you the place isn\'t full of men with exploding infected foreskins. A foreskin is a natural thing that has evolved. If it was responsible for causing health problems we would have evolved further an no longer have one. How do you think the founding fathers survived only washing once a week if that with no medical services?

At the time circumcision was quite common around the Puritan community due to the requirement of circumcision to follow the Biblical text. Furthermore, if you\'re supposedly British, how come you talk about \"founding fathers\"? In WW II British birds chose \"Yanks\" any time over the local boys because they \"didn\'t smell\" (read interviews from that time). As for evolution, the \"normal\" evolution of foreskin would be to shrink gradually and be nonexistent at adult age. The only biological function anyone ever found for it was to be a protective sheath for the glans. Which, with modern clothes, is of course...useless.

I\'m a well travelled Brit and I know that some Americans don\'t understand some English terms so hence every now and then I use Americanisms to save having to explain myself. Personally I enjoy the protective element as my glans is so sensitive that even cotton clothing rubbing against it is uncomfortable. Love that I\'m being lectured on cleanliness by a girl who tells the world how he helped his girlfriend **** in his sink. Did you fully disinfect it after that or just give it a rinse and do the washing up?

What does this have to do with anything? You\'ve never peed in a sink in your life? Never washed anything? You clean the sink as little as you cleaned your willy as a teen? You\'re supposedly a Brit but your style and vocabulary is totally North American, and obviously your poor uncut **** has an overly sensitive glans...this is one of the many reasons women prefer circumcised partners, not only are they cleaner, but they\'re less often hair-triggers when it comes to sex. Not to mention how unpleasant it is for the male to have an irritated glans every night as it rubs on sheets or when you get a good *******.

What you do in this group is very unclear. This is clearly identified as a group where the basis for all is that we support male circumcision. Unless you can\'t read it seems plain and clear. So if your position is that foreskins are wonderful and smell to high heaven like Chanel No 5, pass this group, please, and go to \"We love foreskins\".

Promise I was born in a tiny village in the county of Sussex went to school in Hampshire and university in Northumberland and now live in London. I\'m a lawyer so have been taught to adapt my writing style to my audience which on here is predominantly American. I\'ve peed in all manner of places and always clean up unless it\'s outdoors. I have no problem rubbing against sheets or enjoying a good ******* and many women love the sensitivity and my response to the slightest touch. Let\'s just say old chap that I\'m quite happy the way I am and you\'re clearly happy the way you are so we can agree to disagree.

Yep, and you can stop pestering people in this group with something they fundamentally disagree with. Happy trails, \"old chap\".

Your personal hygiene sounds revolting and disgusting to me. I would not want to shake the hand of a man who had such a vile thing in it previously.

Just always amazes me that people get so excited about a piece of skin that the medical community is undecided about. Anyway shall leave you in peace and remove my child\'s finger nails so they don\'t get dirt and infection under their nails!

Sir, welcome to the USA, a land where the foreskin can be the object of a weird and intense bigotry!
Hygiene? A woman has the right to ask that you freshen up in the bath before her going down on you. This is very easy.
The only medical community that waffles on and on about the foreskin and its removal, is the American one. Other advanced countries have settled on respecting what Nature Intended.
Psst! It's not a piece of skin, but the most intensely sexual part of the male body. This is especially true after age 40-50. And a few British women have revealed in social media that the penis does not look right to them without its movable long sleeve. Some American women have revealed in detail how intact makes a man more sensitive, and how it feels better inside a woman.

So please tell us how you support male circumcision - the name of this experience when you plainly know NOTHING about it. Why are you posting your smelly stinky stuff here?

Just make sure whose mouth, hands, vagina and *** your kids jam their dirty stinking unwashed fingers into ok? Now go play at an experience you actually share instead of here.

\"...circumcision was quite common around the Puritan community due to the requirement of following the Biblical text.\"
There is Zero evidence of any American gentiles being circumcised before 1870 or so.

\"In WW II British birds chose \"Yanks\" any time over the local boys because they \"didn\'t smell\" (read interviews from that time).\"
They chose Yanks because the UK was filled with American and Canadian GIs waiting for D Day. The Yanks could buy things at the PX that were unavailable in British shops. In the early 1940s, many American GIs were not circumcised, because born to working class urban or farm families. RIC was far from universal in the USA around 1920, when the typical GI was born.

\"As for evolution, the \"normal\" evolution of foreskin would be to shrink gradually and be nonexistent at adult age.\"
What is normal is for the foreskin to become detached from the glans, and for the opening in the foreskin to become wider and looser. There is no biological reason for the foreskin to disappear. Some adult men have short foreskins; there is no evidence that this fact has a genetic basis or that it is being selected for.

\"The only biological function anyone ever found for it was to be a protective sheath for the glans.\"
The foreskin and frenulum have several sexual functions in their own right. These functions were passed over in silence by printed matter written last century. Americans could not comment on the sexual virtues of the foreskin, because they had no personal experience thereof. Continental Europeans did not comment thereon, because the foreskin was taken for granted. How we humans think about sex is very much socially constructed. Hence sexual knowledge varies by place, and evolves over time. We humans are always striving to learn.

\"Which, with modern clothes, is of course...useless.\"
The foreskin protects the most sexual parts of the penis from the dulling effect of decades of constant contact with underwear. I have read many testimonials bearing on this dulling.

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I also circumcised both of my boys. I did this for many reasons, cleanliness, cultural. But the main reason I did was my brother. My parents did not circumcise my brother, a choice than was and is just fine. But when he was 24 due to a medical condition. Paraphimosis is the inability to position the foreskin back over the head of the penis after it has been retracted; this is usually associated with phimosis and can be a surgical emergency since blood flow to the head of the penis can become impaired. Circumcision as an adult is much more painful and there is an increased risk of complications.
Though paraphimosis is not a common thing, after watching the way my brother suffered I knew I would never risk my boys ever having to go through that.
You made the right choice for you and your sons, dont let anyone tell you other wise.
If circumcision was not safe, the FDA would have banned it a long time ago

Foreskin problems will affect at least 25% of all uncut males at one point in time. Not even considering other good reasons to circumcise.

Cleaning under the foreskin is trivial, unless there is phimosis. Most cases of phimosis can be cured by applying steroid ointment to the tip of the foreskin, for 6-12 weeks. The remaining stubborn cases can be eliminated by a 1cm dorsal slit (easy), or by a urological surgery that completely preserves the foreskin (American doctors are not trained to perform this surgery). I live in a country that no longer circumcises, and know of only 1 circumcision performed on an adult because of mechanical difficulties.

There is no objective way to compare the pain of circumcision at different stages in the life cycle. What is true is that adult circumcision is performed under general anesthesia, and is followed by state of the art pain killers. Newborns get neither. Adult circumcision is easier to perform, and is less prone to complications, in all respects but one: sutures are required.

I am not as trusting of the FDA as you are. Also, the FDA would only be a mouthpiece for medical opinion. The fact driving the routine infant circumcision controversy is that medicine in the USA is not honest about the drawbacks thereof, drawbacks that have been noted in position statements of several foreign medical societies. There has never been a careful large sample study of the American adult penis, whose remit includes comparing the sexual and medical histories of cut and uncut men. The branch of the medical profession that is consulted when RIC goes wrong is pediatric urology. Only one USA pediatric urologist has seen fit to make public the fact that 25% of his caseload stems from post-RIC problems. The head of pediatric urology at a major USA teaching hospital confirmed this fact in a conversation with a friend of mine. But she won\'t say that in print.

I live in a country that does not circumcise. Medical practices in my city serve a catchment of about a half million. A telling fact is that there is only one urological practice. That fact is inconsistent with \"at least 25% of uncut males will eventually experience foreskin problems.\"

\"consa\" is an old intactivist living in the US. Just so you know.

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Just a word about respectful comments here. Aprilm32 MADE the decision as a great many responsible Mothers do to circumcise her boys. This event in this case is a done deal so please do not levy any criticism here - it does no one any good at all. She mentions that she thinks it looks cleaner and we must respect her opinion - it however does more than look cleaner - it IS cleaner - at all and at every time than what the alternative is. There is no moist area for stale urine to reside under, for sloughed off skin cells or ***** to reside under. It is ALWAYS cleaner and always a lower maintenance alternative. It is a perfectly VALID choice for a Mother to make for her Son's and it is far from the most important decision and choice made in their upbringing. So the golden rule here is if you can say something nice say it and otherwise please keep it to yourself. Circumcision does not render men into being sexual cripples - circumcised men enjoy sex just fine thanks. There is nothing wrong with a circumcised penis and there is a whole lot right with one.

Hardly a balanced overview of the pros and cons though....

Please read the experience you are commenting on VERY carefully. It is called I support male circumcision. This is not a debating society. I do support male circumcision and I have nothing other than respect for the author and her decision to have the foreskins removed from her Sons as infants. There are other experience sites for those who love foreskins and let those who do so post to those sites in peace. Choosing to circumcise your sons is a VALID, choice that parents have made for thousands of years. It is a significant vote for cleanliness, low maintenance life, great care and consideration for their future sexual partners and there is nothing detrimental about it. I do not have to denigrate those who do not make this choice and we do not have to consider those who denigrate our choice. Those that say a parent has no right to cut the foreskin from their son's penis are wrong and missing the mark. The parent is responsible to raise those children to be responsible adults and circumcision is FAR from the most important choice or decision that is made for them - it is but one decision of a great many. Again we do not have to tolerate anyone denigrating this choice. It was made for me and I am truly appreciative of all the benefits I have derived from being circumcised. Sexually I have no complaints what so ever - Mothers clearly know this and can clearly make educated and experienced choices for their Sons.

Oh and I blocked Horny Dirty Guy - because not only does he not share this experience but he has Nazi sympathies as well.

I am circumcised, and I am glad to be. My wife commented on it after our wedding night she was so glad I was circumcised. She likes the way my **** looks, and when it is soft, the head of it is still visible.

Interesting. We have friends - neither he nor his son were circumcised. His Wife confided in mine saying she really would have preferred that her husband (and Son) be circumcised - her Husband would not hear of it for either himself or his son - half Dutch have German 100% stubborn. She has put up with it - but she knows what she prefers and she knows why.

how would like something of that natural done to you & you wasn;t even asked of u wanted it done ?? humm thats the sad part about it :( it really is :( & shame on you :( i;am a 63 yr; old guy & have neverrrr everr had the frist problems with it in my life :( & now even the doc. are not pushing it as much as then use too :( your 2 boys have now lost a lot of good nerves in there penis :( that there never ever get to feel in there lives :(

hi my boys are not circumcised and I unerstand what bannaman and tbrguy are saying but please DON'T beat this mom up she it doing what is the norm for our society as this time. Hopefully in the future circumcision will be less of an auto practice and can be done if the boy wants it done later in life. The only thing it is a much bigger surgery as an adult.

To alter the genitalia of human being merely so that the appearance of the genitalia conform to a social expectation, is deeply deplorable.

When the body clashes with attitudes about the body, reexamine the attitudes. Women should NEVER have cosmetic surgery done to their vulvas. No woman should ever feel compelled to remove her pubic hair simply to please the men she dates. Likewise, no man should ever have his foreskin removed simply because the women he will date might freak out when they discover that his short arm has a long sleeve. The correct response to such freaking out is education about normal sexual anatomy, not surgery driven by craven conformity.

You were wise I believe. Hygiene is simpler and more efficient and disease is less likely

While I think its the "low maintenance" option, a physical trait says nothing about what's inside the package....

Interesting comment about your bathing them when they're younger. The things we don't think about ahead of time.

Americans are the only country who routinely circumcise boys for non religious reasons. I worked for a pediatric urologist before I had my boys and he said it purely cosmetic. My husband is British so that is another reason we did not want our boys circumcised. I don't get upset if circumcision is what a parent chooses to do.

Not quite true -- the US spread this particular cultural practice to South Korea in the 1950s and it's common there as well.

I love my foreskin and never had any problems with it.

Snip... you 'betcha!

I wish more moms (including mine) had your outlook regarding the health of your sons penises and circumcision.
If any ladies would like to be friends and discuss circumcision or experiences more then please contact my. If you would like to see my pictures and videos and tell me wot you think then I am happy to also do that.
Thanx and hope to meet and talk with new friends soon

Interesting that you want to discuss circumcision with "ladies".

I have been with both and I love circumcised ***** a lot more

that's not what we are arguing here though, I am talking about what I perfer

Violence? Harmful act? We're talking about the beneficial removal or a dirty flap of skin.

I think you made a good choice too.I think though there is a wave of "that is mutilation" type of talk going on more these days.

You made the right decision many health benefits

Circumsizing does reduce the risk if STDs to infections. As for children who haven't had it done and they are worried about hurting them, don't worry. Its a loose sheath of skin that covers mid part of of the penis to the head.

I don't understand fearing hurting them by gently retracting the foreskin to wash while also favoring cutting off the foreskin, often with only minor anesthetic. Circumcision is rarely medically necessary.

Firstly why are you posting on an experience site which plainly says "I support circumcision" You certainly APPEAR not to support circumcision.

Now if it is or is not medically necessary is not up to debate, nor is the potential for care of the intact penis. These subjects again do not belong here and there are other experiences for you to properly post on. This is not one of them.

Now you expressed your opinion that a penis can be washed under the foreskin. Great - now that is what we would call very high maintenance and a real turn off because as the time interval extends from under the shower then ****** starts to build up - and it does not take very long before it is smelly and unpleasant or worse under there. Fact is without a foreskin the penis is easy to clean in the shower AND it remains cleaner between showers.

My Wife and I have taught our Daughters to avoid men who have foreskins and WHY to avoid them. It is not a matter of prejudice - it is a distinct matter of preference and we choose to exercise this preference. I am very grateful to my Parents for continuing this tradition in our family - so is my Wife. We have attended circumcisions of infants and frankly it is a trivial matter of a few moments for a life time of clear and distinct benefits.

It does not matter if the benefits are deemed medically necessary or if preferences are expressed by the parents of the boy - it is their right and their experience that guides them in the decision. I can absolutely guarantee that any man who is to become involved with our Daughters will be circumcised and any son they might have will be surgically enhanced and improved in a similar manner.

You see I support male circumcision - including infant circumcision as a preference.

Here is a video of a very civilized circumcision actually two of them - enjoy it because it is not in any way barbarism it is a perfectly valid choice. No pain, no fuss - no problems and a life time of benefits.

Thanks for the link. It is so pleasant to see a boy's glans freed early from that unsightly, smelly and unhealthy flap of such a quick and efficient way.

There is never anything like a 'gentle retraction' of foreskin. Being retracted hurts, it feels as bad as a circumcision does except you have to undergo it several times beforce the skin gets looser, and all without the benefit of real hygiene. Only dunces keep defending foreskins when circumcision is easily available.

im uncut and makes no difference really just as easy to keep clean

Then why are you posting here? Perhaps go play with your foreskin where it might be appreciated - this experience is called I support male circumcision - it is clear that you don't. If you want to be her or say something here perhaps start off by getting circumcised first.

Also you having not been circumcised have no idea as to it making no difference and being just as easy to keep clean. We know our penises are clean - always clean as in at every moment. We also know that you can not say that - other than the first few moments when you step from the shower.

so by not being circumcised i have no idea as to it making no difference, then surely the opposite is true and you have no idea as to it making a difference being circumcised, that is the STUPIDEST argument i have ever heard. just cos you got no foreskin does not automatically make your penis clean... and who says i dont support male circumcision just because i am not circumcised thats a pretty big assumption... and you are only circumcised because your parents circumcised you when you were a baby its not like you had a choice in the matter so get off your high horse and keep your narrow minded views to yourself and stop judging others on one simple comment you small minded moran!

Moran? Ok perhaps go back to school so you learn to spell when you insult anyone. Yes a circumcised penis is ALWAYS cleaner than an intact penis - unless you literally just scrubbed your little hooded friend.

You are an idiot - go play with your foreskin elsewhere.

And exactly how would you know? Anyway, you're barking up the wrong tree here, buddy. Foreskins aren't exactly welcome in this group.

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I agree with you a clean circumcised penis has benefits their whole life - it is a proper decision for a parent to make for their Sons.

As long as they're clean, it doesn't matter either way.

We think you're correct April. Wife here is Filipina and definitely prefers circumsized partners, so you're making a good choice. We're also in the Hoosier state and would love to be friends with you.

You have a great wife, and she knows what's best.

i had to get circumsised for medical reasons then two years later i had to get circumsised for a second time! i certainaly hope it is the last time!!

I am done and I got four boys and they are all done but the last but he will be done very soon. Its hard where I am at the moment to get a doctor to do it now but still trying. agree with what you say very much

why do parents always regret it? its got nothin to do with them. its if the kids want it or not.

Parents regret not having their kids cut at birth, because foreskins are a chore and a useless stinking piece of equipment...only uncuts bray against circumcision.

i think its silly cause if u cut it then u cant get it back but if u dont want it u can cut it off if boys want wen they older

Mothers know what is best for their sons. They know and like a clean ****** free **** and they know that no self respecting woman really wants a dirty penis in her Mouth, Vagina or ***. - she does not even want to touch a dirty ****. So women often make the decision to have their son's foreskins removed to give them options that they would not otherwise have - being refused sexual opportunities that they would otherwise not have. My Daughters have been taught by their Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother never to consider an intact man. In the news Harry Styles and Taylor Swift broke up because she wanted him to get circumcised and he did not want to be. She did not like his dirty penis and she told him so.

"....I think it looks Cleaner and Healthier.Just wash them off and they are done..."<br />
<br />
And when they're older, and have bathroom privacy, and no longer need help bathing, and they've reached an age when boys are notorious for not washing their hands, much less something they know mom and dad will never see, you'll know they're still just as clean. All they'll have to do is stand under the shower or sit in the tub.

So I guess what you and many others are saying is that circumcision is the proper solution for lazy people that can't be bothered to take the time for good personal hygiene.

Starting at 15, doctors should ask a boy to slide his foreskin back. It it's not clean, doc should give the lad a bit of a talking to. At any rate, if he is dirty or smelly, he will get told off the first time he become intimate with a woman, who will direct him to the nearest bath, and tell him not to return "until you've taken care of that problem." And that man's Dirty **** Problem dies then and there.

Why cut off that which is trivial to clean under??

15? r U kidding, routine retraction and cleaning begins at birth.

Actually 15 would be way too late to teach proper hygiene. The doctor should be checking uncut boys at well baby visits. The parents may not know that to do for proper cleanliness from the start and if they wait till puberty its gonna be a big problem. I suppose this means for some parents circ is the best choice.

You must have had a quaint sex life, getting to wash your smegmatic parts and then coming back to bed. great foreplay!

Circ is the best choice in all cases. It prevents 90% of problems associated with the penis (the remaining 10% being accidents, like trapping it in a zipper).

Some people still fighting the old ****** fight, I guess. Let them stink...

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And the debate goes on, and I suppose it will as long as there are penises.<br />
My dad was circumcised, I was not, neither were my brothers, don't know why. My foreskin has never given me any issues. <br />
<br />
I had girlfriend for awhile that had never seen a uncut penis, she loved to play with my foreskin, it was like some sort of discovery when sliding it back.<br />
<br />
Showering everyday and cleaning takes care of any probblems.

I know this is just a wild comment, but what was written above makes me say it. My boys have all told me that when a GF found out they were uncut it led to all kinds of fun for the two of them. I guess the best argument against circumcision is it will increase your sexual options if you stay uncut.
(This is all tongue in cheek btw. I am a strong advocate for parents making the decision themselves of what to do about this.)

All mothers who choose circumcision right after birth for their baby boys should be commended for having it done. It's a beneficial act and a healthy choice. Once done, it leaves the penis free to grow, clean, healthy, and you don't even give a thought about it - except you pee properly, you wash it easily, and when the time comes you can have good sex and offer your gfs a healthy, clean ****.

I wash under that "extra" skin every day during the shower. It is no trouble whatsoever, because a penis can be "handled" lol! Washing my hairy anus is a much bigger deal.<br />
<br />
"a few of my friends didn't have it done to their boys, and now they are regretting it"<br />
Rest assured that there are grown men who resent having been cut at birth. When I was growing up, you could find penis pics only in a very sleasy store that sold gay ****. So the only penises you knew were your own, the men you saw in locker rooms, and the men you dated. <br />
<br />
Now penis pics are all over the web. And because many of those pics are submitted by non-Americans, it is very easy to see what intact looks like using Google Images or Wikimedia Commons. Hence all Americans now learn what a natural penis looks like. Some come to prefer intact even though they and all of the men they see in locker rooms are cut. No man should get himself cut until he's seen what both look like, and has experienced sex with his natural penis.

So? You don't have to wash a circumcised penis at all. Just stand under the shower. It's totally self cleaning.

All the circumcised men I've ever known never gave it a second thought.

I agree that the typical circumcised American never thinks about the cleanliness of his ****. But that is not without drawbacks. More than one woman with a free spirited sex life before her marriage, has told me that the dirtiest **** they encountered in bed was a cut one. You do have to wash a cut ****. Washing a natural one is trivial.

Although a circumcised penis is easier to clean, I favor circumcision strictly for aesthetic reasons.

THAT, sir, is an honest answer.

Let the owner of the penis decide the esthetic question.

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im circumsised<br />
and its well healthy and clean<br />
i had to be circumsised for the fact that wen i was getn erect my forskin was splitting and the doctor said it was the best solution for it

There is No need to cut for Hygiene or other reason, the matter of cleaning is mute as it is simple and quick to clean when one wants to, it's like so many medical procedures that are done for convenience rather than need. None of my siblings or I were cut and none of my extended family to the best of my knowledge that was not a practice when I was born..

Parents who insist on pain med and decide on infant male circumcision, do a favor for their son by avoiding needing the procedure as an adult. It is embarrassing and costs much more as an adult

What other part of the body do we cut off at birth because it might malfunction later in life??
Infant circumcision is quicker because of unethical short cuts. Like no anesthesia, and no sutures. When you cut an adult, you have to do it right or else the medical profession gets a black eye. One seldom hears of botched adult circs; it is easier to operate on an adult penis whose foreskin has completely detached from the glans. Sadly, one cannot say that RIC is nearly botch-free...

My, my. Why are you intact guys so obsessed with talking about what you don't know, since having a foreskin you have no idea what you feel as a circumcised man? This obsession would make anyone more than suspicious that you're in fact trying to convince yourself you're OK, when you know you'd be better off deforeskinned...

im circumsised and like it so clean and hygenic<br />
care to be friends<br />
im a british soldier<br />
jay<br />

It's the right of the parents to cut or not to cut I very happy my parents cut me. I think it's the right thing to do and it's way more healthier in the long run. My sex life is great and no complaints that I am cut.

There is NO health or hygiene benefit to being circumcised. It is genital mutilation and deprives the boy of over 20,000 nerve endings in the most sensitive area of his sexuality. With a foreskin your sex life would be even better.

Get it cut, and then you can safely compare. As I did. It's way better circumcised, believe me. In the meantime, stop talking about...what you can't possibly know.

Yes, I have replied and commented on many of the comments on this subject. Routine Infantile Circumcision of boys is an outrageous atrocity that deprives a boy of a part of his anatomy that contains 20,000 or more sensitive nerve endings. Go do some research and watch the video clips of baby boys being circumcised and see how you feel about their screams of pain during the procedure. Talk to parents and doctors that have had to treat serious infections of the circumcised penis because it is no longer protected from feces and urine in the diaper. There have even been deaths caused by routine circumcision gone wrong. Baby boys dying just days after birth from a procedure that according to the medical journals of today has absolutely NO Medical or Health benefits but instead can cause all manor of complications of which death is certainly the worst. If you agree with the removal of a boy's foreskin, without their approval or having any say in it, why not have baby girls go through female circumcision? Remove the extra folds of skin that could harbor germs, bacteria and such which are the arguments used for male circumcision. Or are you hypocrites imposing a double standard. Then I suppose there would be the argument for removing a girls breasts to prevent breast cancer. Come On People, the human body is a complex living thing. We are born with the parts that have evolved over the ages to give us all the benefits possible for long, healthy and enjoyable life. Let's not be cutting parts of a newborn baby off for outdated and totally wrong reasons.<br />
You are correct, I am not circumcised even though my father was and I was born when the rate of Routine Infantile Circumcision was around 95%. I never had a single health or medical issue because of it and neither have my two sons now in their mid twenties. There is a very good reason that the rate now is down around 35% and dropping. The population in general is far better informed with the ability to research the True facts before acting in an irrational way.

Most of what you say is simply opinion stated as fact. If you were not circumcised at a time when circumcision rates were around "95%," as you say, were you teased in school, and if so, could this have influenced your current opinions about circumcision? You further state: "We are born with the parts that have evolved over the ages to give us all the benefits possible for long, healthy and enjoyable life." Ah-hh! The old "nature doesn't make mistakes" gambit. My father was a rarity, he could actually chew on and use his wisdom teeth, and they NEVER caused him any trouble, which means he belonged to a minority of about 5 %t of the general population. The other 95% are like me, their wisdom teeth are impacted and have to be removed, or they are never any real use. But nature doesn't make mistakes! In addition, a very few boys are born with very short foreskins. In fact, they have about the same amount of foreskin a circumcised boy would have. They also have a glans that is just as dry and exposed deprived of "nerve endings" and "protection" as a circumcised boy's. Doctors call this a "natural circumcision," and when the boy is older, unless the boy or his parents tell, or medical records are available, it can be difficult to impossible for a doctor to tell if he was circumcised or not. Is this natural? What if "nature" has decided that foreskins are useless after all, and we are evolving in such as way that one day no male will have one, but the process is happening over millenia, and it's too slow for us to ever realize what's going on at this juncture? In any case, is a very short foreskin as I have mentioned, natural, because the boy came that way, and he wasn't cut? After all, nature doesn't make mistakes!

When my son was born the doctor brought up the subject if we wanted to have it done or not. My husband without even asking me or anything just said something like "oh yes, of course we want it done."

How you feel about that Jennier was it ok with you or did you want your son to keep his foreskin. I think it's the correct way easier to clean then teach your son to pull back the foreskin and clean it at A early age not easy too do that.

Be happy that your husband made the decision, you didn't have to start weighing pros and cons forever...and your son has a nice clean penis.

I was fine with it, I think he would have known way more about it that i ever would.

Sorry to hear that. Your husband denied him a lifetime of pleasure for himself and the ladies in his life.

oh bullshit!

Is your husband himself circumcised? I guess so...

The intact men who claim that we ruin, deny, mutilate and do unspeakable crime when we as parents decide to circumcise our sons is nonsense. Circumcision is a choice we as parents are entitled to make and it is made for valid reasons. We make many decisions that far outweigh circumcision in terms of how our children are to be raised, their values, their place in society, their health etc. If the only reason for circumcision was that it is inherently cleaner - well that in itself is valid. We do no particular harm to a boy to circumcise him. His penis delivers and receives pleasure being circumcised - it is not mutilation and it is not illegal despite their protestations.

I look at the specific experience of a friend who lived half his life intact and the other half so far circumcised. He enjoys himself and said it made no difference in terms of performance or quality and his Wife says the same. They both report that it is far cleaner and less trouble than before.

So what I think I am asking for is an elimination of emotion on the subject and respect for the choice made or not.

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Yes it's a lot cleaner and easier for young boys to clean them self and not to forget to pull back the loose skin and wash them self when they get to be about 8 or 9. So health wise it smarter to be circumcised. My mother told when I asked her about it when I saw some boys in gym class penis looked different then mine and she explain it too me.

I don't know what other people's hygiene habits are but for myself I shower at least once a day and cleaning a penis with a foreskin really takes no more time or effort than a circumcised penis.

How would you know, you idiot, since you're not circumcised?

I would be very careful who you call and idiot. Take a look in the mirror.

An idiot is someone who talks through his nose about what he doesn't know.

Ahem. Even if you shower once a day you urinate many times per day and you perspire all day long to some degree always. A circumcised penis builds up nothing all day long under a foreskin that is not there. An intact man no matter if he showers each day with certainty can never be as clean. Do you pull back your skin and wash it clean it right before you have sex EVERY SINGLE time? If yes now there is a real mood setting experience and if no then you have a dirtier penis than any circumcised man because his is self cleaning in his shorts. It gets wiped clean all the time because it is exposed to air and to absorptive fabrics. Please don't decry the sensitivity. Circumcised penises deliver and receive pleasure more than sufficiently. Circumcised men have ******* and so do their partners. Some of us have sex every single day - circumcised penises are quite serviceable - honestly. Now how about we tone down the emotions and stick to the facts.

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ok...<br />
CIRCUMCISED ... Yes!<br />
UNcircumcised... Creeps me COMPLETELY out!<br />

I agree I am so glad my parents had me circumcised your right it's very weird looking to see one uncut like it's got A turtle neck all the time lol

My girlfriend agrees with you, uncuts creep her out too

though I hold no ill will to my parents for having me circumcised at birth, I wish they hadn't. there are many reasons why but I wish i had my foreskin and the sensitivity that goes with it. I know most men my age were circumcised but so i don't feel out of place but I feel I am missing something.

It's your right, of course, but believe me, for having had one before I was cut, all that hype about foreskin sensitivity is...pure crap! In fact, the uncut glans gets chafed and irritated more easily, you control your ejaculations less, and it's sheer hell to have to clean it depending where you are. Be glad your parents, in their wisdom, had you cut.

Sorry to hear that. We are in the same basic age catagory and I am grateful that my parents decided to go against the norm and left me just as I was born.

You couldn't be any more wrong in your thinking.

This experience is called "I support male circumcision" - you do not .... why are you here? I am more than certain that there are other places for you and your foreskin to reside.

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I'm circumcised, but I honestly think it's mostly a hold over from earlier times when people didn't wash as often or as thoroughly. When I was considering the question for my son I asked myself would I want someone cutting a chunk off my penis if I were given the choice? Guess what my answer f'ing way! lol.<br />
<br />
And there was no way I was making the decision ba<x>sed on peer pressure, or what peer pressure my son my be subject to as he grows up. That's very transitory and changes with time. If you have a male child do the research yourself and make an informed decision ba<x>sed on facts.

Thank You for making the right decision. Your son and the ladies in his life will thank you as well. I am glad that when the rate of infant circumcision was about 95% my parents made the same decision and I have very grateful to this day that I was left the nature intended.

Was circumcised at birth, never known anything but that. All of my friends and family members (well, the males) are also. I remember in school there was a boy who wasn't, it looked so different. When and if i have a son he will be also.

That is too bad you are planning on mutilating your son at birth without him having any say in it. Boys are born with a foreskin for a very good reason. Would you condone female circumcision?

Apples and oranges. If your daughter wears a dress, should your son also?

I get a good laugh at all of the anit-circ people are so militant about it., using euphemisms like "mutilation." I don't tell them what to do with their children but they will insist on telling me what to do with mine.

Very well put. The overwhelming consensus here seems to be that it is a personal preference and in those countries that practice circumcision at birth, the decision is given to the only people who can and should make that decision... the parents. Let us all go back to our sheltered little lives and stop condemning parents for making such a difficult decision. It is their decision, not ours.

Just as a son should not wear a dress because his mother and sister do, boys should not be circumcised merely because other boys are.

Circumcision is not mutilation, but improvement and correction. Cultural norms and medical progress are precisely the human way to improve on nature. **** is natural too, but we usually avoid living in shitholes.

People in the West talking about FGM have no idea what it is and have never been confronted to females who underwent it. So please refrain from talking about what you don't know to try to justify your ideological opposition to an operation that is just a major prophylactic improvement for the penis, the sooner the better.

Did you bully him as well. I've taken a quick read through some of these, and it's a huge obsession. You'll be looking up people arses next to see what you can find to criticise.

I think they are just pointing out that it is not your body, but your childrens, who seem to need someone to speak up for them, because you obviously won't.

Thank you russkeen. Our sons will differ from our generation in the type of women they frequent, in the sort of sexual experiences they will have. It is not my place to make assumptions about either and about what kind of penis is "best" for my sons to have. I let them make up their own minds based on their lived experiences.

It's only a major obsession to the anti-circ crowd. I don't give a damn if you guys circumcise your sons or not but the anti-circ crowd jumps all over us that chose to do it.

It's only a major obsession to the anti-circ crowd. I don't give a damn if you guys circumcise your sons or not but the anti-circ crowd jumps all over us that chose to do it.

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I am 71 and can only remember 5 guys that I have seen naked that were uncircumcised. It was usually done at birth back then.<br />
Knew one boy who was enjoying himself one night when the foreskin began to give him troubles. He had to wake up his dad and explain. Then he was circumcised a few days later at age 16. He is glad it was done; but that operation caused a bit of discomfort for weeks.

Yeah - pull the other one, it's got bells on. I can recognise a made up story a mile off.

It's a minor way to deal with a hygienic and cosmetic problem early in life - nothing but advantages. I think it should be automatic right after birth.

Cosmetic problem huh. So if someone is born with a deformity, however minor, we should cut that off as well should we?

As much as possible, deformities should be corrected. That's what makes humankind different from animality.

thats something for sure

I posted this comment on another's story but it applies here.<br />
<br />
I didn't even know what circumcision was until I was about 15 or so. I saw a mom changing her baby boy who was not circumcised. At first I was kind of appalled and felt very sorry for the baby. I thought there was something wrong with him like he was deformed or something. I thought for days about how to ask my mom about it. I eventually did and she set me straight.

If I may reply to my own comment, I have a friend who says uncircumcised ones remind her of "elephant trunks."

thats funny

Now that I've thought about this, I was about 17. It wasn't as long ago as I remembered when I wrote the comment.

I hope you are able to appreciate all the benefits that an intact man has to give.

You can't really be much of a fun guy if you have so much time to ****-tate( pun) to everybody here. Dude, we get your point. You're against it. Leave us all alone.

To everyone his own opinion, but there are no «benefits» to foreskins, pal.

Apparently your foreskin has made your brain stop. The guy is circumcised and very happy to be.

My uncut sons told me this story. When they were seen naked by other boys (young ones) the invariable response was, "What happened to you?" The truth was the boys should have asked "What happened to me?" But they didn't know at the time. I hope someone one explained it to them

Circumcision is NOT something that is done TO a boy, it is something that is done FOR a boy and for the women who will enjoy sexual relations with him as he gets to that stage of his life. Save your pity for those boys who were neglected the attention, love and consideration of parents who cared enough for their sons to have them circumcised.

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I had it done the next day after birth and I have no memory of the event.

Despite all the rants about circumcision being "unnatural" I think it's trending positive again. Ultimately I don't think it's any big deal. I'm not mad at Mom and Dad for getting me "clipped". And as you've observed - it is easier in the bath or shower to keep clean.

Clipping the foreskin doesn't take long and ensures a healthy, clean, and very aesthetic penis for further uses. It should become the norm when a male baby's born.

How would you know?

Aesthetic huh. How much time do you devote each day to looking at penises then?

Actually, being bisexual, I have seen a fair number, both cut and uncut.

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