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Before both of my sons were born, my wife and I discussed whether or not they would be circumcised. After much thought, we decided that they would be. I know that my brother and I were circumcised at birth, so we thought nothing of it. I guess that's why it was such an easy decision to make. Of course, not everyone in the real world may agree with this practice. To that I say to each their own, because in the end, the choice is solely up to the parents, and nobody else's. I'm not saying that it should be a requirement, or even a law. I'm simply saying that it's their choice either way.

Now I know that there are some people out there that will raise a big fuss about circumcisions, and the fact that we chose to have our boys circumcised,, so here's my response; find something better to do with your lives instead of telling me about how I should be living mine!!
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I was circumcised at birth and I'm glad I was. I will also be circumcising my sons when I have children.

Both you and your wife know how good a circumcised penis feels. There's health and hygiene but also the fact of never having to deal with a cumbersome and useless piece of skin during sex - it seems your choice was logical. I'm glad for your kids.

It's kind of interesting how the anti- people insist on advising and lecturing others on the evils of circumcision and how it is "violent" and "mutilation."<br />
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I'm circumcised and if I have sons they will be also, but I'm not going to go around telling the anti- people they need to learn about all of the positives of circumcision and how they must get it done to their children.

So many health benefits you made the right decision

I am circumcised and like it but I'm not sure what these dubious "health" advantages are. If it's in connection with HIV it depends on which experts you choose to believe. From my own observations in Africa I think this is tosh. Certain tests about which I've read mean NOTHING.