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I always wanted to be circumcised after seeing what my friends cicumcised penises looked like.I couldn't imagine how erotic and painful at the same time it would be to have your forskin permanently retracted.Its like sticking your tongue out and never ever being able to pull your tongue back into your mouth.I used to pull my forskin back for a few days at a time and it felt great but also I felt very naked and my glans were exposed and the thought of never being able to pull the forskin back over the glans as if I were circumcised was highly erotic and the realisation that it would be forever that way was almost overwhelming to me.I also thought imagine what it would be like to be circumcised by a female.I eventually had a circumcision in my twenties and its unbielevable not having a forskin to cover my glans.I dont think I will ever get used to it.I'm thinking a having another cicumcision so that every bit of forskin is removed which will leave me with a very tight circumcision with no skin movement on the shaft so that the glans is totally exposed and it will feel like the skin is being stretched backwards towards my belly.I have found a female urologist "Cindy Zietsman" but it would be awesome if a woman would actually make the appointment for me as well.If any good looking woman is interested in making an appointment for me please let me know.I may have a circumcision fetish but thats what turns me on.I dont think its wise to circumcise a baby because he must know the difference and make the decision himself.Adults can appreciate the difference once circumcised but babies will grow up and be accustomed to thinking its normal and never know how erotic it is to retract the forskin never mind having it retracted forever.I also think the penis needs to develop first then the circumcision will be completely mindboggling and lifechanging when done on an adult.
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I am uncircumcised and abhor the look of foreskin - mine or other guys'. I try to keep it retracted at all times, but have to fight it constantly. When I **** my wife, I wear a couple of cockrings to keep the foreskin back as tight as possible. With the cockrings, my penis appears Circumcised. It is such a turn on to look down and see that completely bare HEAD! I have thought about having the surgery, but have yet to proceed. Maybe I'll wait until the non-surgical clamp is available in the US.

I too had myself circumcized, first at the age of 46 but rather loosely, then three years later I had it tightened. Still not tight enough I even had a second recircumcision in jan. 2014. Now it is nice and tight and I love it.
My advise if I you consider to get circumcized, have it done properly! You won't regret it. My only regret: why hadn't I done it before?

I got my circumcision 6 years ago at age 40 after thinking about it for years and let me tell you that it was the best decision I ever made. It's an amazing sensation having the glans always exposed knowing that no skin it's going to cover it back. I asked the doctor to remove as much skin as possible so now I have a very tight circumcision with almost no movement on the skin. My only regret is that I haven't take that decision sooner.
Love the sensation.

If you think circumcision/foreskin is an erotic subject I think you will like the new free blogsite

I have seen a number of Arab guys on **** sites. They all wear those cheeky little round hats and have large *****. (well the ones portrayed have!) But although they are billed as being "Arabs" and certainly appear to be so, they are not circumcised. The foreskin rolls back easily down the shaft.
It is not mandatory in Islam that men be circumcised (although many followers seem to think it IS) and it is not mentioned in the Q'uran.
So where would these young men come from? Are there some areas where they are traditionally left intact?

Fools! all those who get circumcised, who let their boys circumcised, who perform circumcisions, who support circumcisions are fools. hell is waiting for them. because circumcision is mutilation.

Yip,Not being able to pull any forskin back over the head is an amazing sensation after being circumcised.No skin to cover the head leaves me feeling very naked.I sometimes feel sorry for my glans but the feeling is fantastic.I sometimes miss that warm feeling of the forskin covering my glans but at the same time I get that excited feeling of nakedness and knowing my forskin is gone. What a feeling.If anyone is considering circumcision make sure you get it done tight.I mean remove as much forskin as possible so you don't have to do it a second time.Also its a complete circumcision.It is a body modification that excites me.I love being circumcised.

I agree. I'm very tightly circumcised and love the naked feeling. Not only is my glans fully exposed but so is my circumcision. which shows that I'm tightly circumcised. I love my circumcision as you do. I believe that I have been circumcised not only for my pleasure but for others too. I love others seeing me in swimming pool showers. They can see I've been circumcised and I get many looks of approval. Tighcut Paul

How old were you when you were circumcised? Old enough to experience being uncut as well as cut?

A tight circumcision is best. i have been circumcised very tightly and I find erections are exhilarating. My frenum was removed and the foresking retracted right back leaving the cleft completely bare.

I'm halfway cut. I'm already a bit older now, there have been no bad effects for me. It's not tight, but the glans are always exposed. If the head is shiney, your doctor did it too tight. You may require lub (you'll never go raw if you lub up, so always always do that). Note to germaphobe moms who want their boys cut, do it halfway and let them decide if they want it all the way when they grow up.

I'll bust a few myths for you while I'm at it. Curving is not a result of being cut. It's a build up of fiber beneath the shnozz, it's a condition that happens to both cut and uncut men.

Uncut feel more pleasure? Nope, I've felt both ways. Absolutely no difference. If anything, it was "too ticklish" uncut. No way to enjoy her tongue. Absolutely better for me as cut. The boys and girls who complain about circumcision are the ones who experienced the "too tight" situation. Gal gets no sex cuz her boy doesn't wanna do it... and boy gets mad a mom and has anger management issues because he fell victim to an inexperienced doctor. No Rabbi does it wrong though.. so do consider a Rabbi if possible, not a doctor.

I agree With this man . I was circumised at 28 & again at 36 as I wanted there to Be no forskin at all . The my knob to Br exposed 100% of the time . I've me regrets at all . Adult circumcision bring it on . Lastly my disire to be circumised has been with me from a young boy seeing my father circumised penis . With his naked mushroom knob exposed for all to see . No medical reason for my circumsion . Just wanted a comfortable feeling . Good looking penis .

Yes a tight circumcision ooks good, feels good. Thank goodness that I have been circumcised very tightly. My frenum was removed nd the foreskin completely retracted to left the cleft completely bare. I love to show my circumcision ant to have it sucked and have it rubbed by other guys tight circumcisions. My circumcision is my pride and joy. Definitely the best part of me.

Only way to go glans permanently fully exposed, and know you can do nothing about it.

Thank for a nice post. I had to consider circumcision a year ago almost. But decided against it. I am rethinking

I wonder if having a completely tight circumcision is preferable to having just a bit of loose skin so an erection is not painful.The right amount of loose skin won't cover the glans when you are flaccid, so it will always be exposed, and there will be "room to grow." I agree with you about not circumcising babies, but wait for a developed penis and being aware of what is going to happen.<br />
<br />
I hope you find an attractive female to schedule the circumcision for you, and I hope the female doctor you know is available when you are ready to have the circumcision. It would be great if you are present with the woman when she schedules you and explains to the doctor how you want the procedure done (skin tightness and all).<br />
<br />
All the best.

While I had a routine infant circumcision, I am a bit of a "grower" and when very excited, I get just a bit of what you're talking about. Though I have no memory of a foreskin, I would agree that tight is a very erotic feeling. I think it can be overdone, however. <br />
<br />
A tight style is also very dry. The glans will never be partially or wholly covered by any of the remaining penile skin, as can sometimes happen with loose circumcisions. Since the glans is never covered, moisture can never form. I have nothing of substance to ba<x>se this upon, but my own sense is that women may find a tight cut preferable for oral sex, because because it is dry, and because there is absolutely no place for anything to hide--(WYSWYG--What you see is what your get!). <br />
<br />
As for women who circumcise, I have seen several internet posts here and there that seem to indicate that, women, or at least some women, like to cut tighter than men, possibly for the above reason, but again, I have nothing substantial to ba<x>se this upon.

Thanks guys. This post, and your comments seem to me the most sane ones on the subject I've seen on here.

I think quite a lot of guys, including myself, have had two circumcisions, one loose and the second one tight. It has worked well for me, and, incidentally, it was done by a woman. I know what you mean about the skin being stretched backwards towards your belly. OK, but in moderation. Too tight, and you would soon regret it.

My circumcision left me with a bit of loose skin, but not enough to cover the glans when flaccid. It works well in that when erect, my skin is tight and my glans is definitely prominent. So my glans is eternally exposed. It so happens that my wife likes me this way.