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Examples Of African Men

Recently in the news, the story was run about how a Ministry of Health is conducting a scientific, outcome based medical approach to combat the AIDS epidemic. One part of the fight against the deadly, se*ually transmitted disease - involves adult male circ  clinics - which many good international medical studies have supported. A sister was interviewed who accompanied her two teen brothers to a clinic for the procedures. She explained they had lost their Mom and Dad to AIDS. Responsable young people! We can learn from them. Am glad I made same decision one year ago - for self and wife. Only wish that I had been man enough to make that decision many years ago. WIth the right doctor, the procedure and recovery was pain free. Personal quality of life is improved. And, I finally acted to do my part to minimize cervical cancer risk for my wife. That is why I am sharing this story. Personal testamony in a very polarized and emotional debate - often void of good science cited in discussion. Wishing fellow American men and women good health and much happiness. Wishing the young in Africa a better future. Bravo to them! Our sisters and brothers making responsable decisions with each other.
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If you and your wife are faithful to each other, she will not catch HPV from you. HPV is the virus that causes most cases of cervical cancer. Hence circumcision is irrelevant to cervical cancer risk; that risk is driven by casual sex, with or without foreskin.

I prefer men to be circumcised but the claim that it is a safety measure again AIDS is ridiculous. The "study" in Uganda is such nonsense. All the Bagandans are circumcised as youths, so how can they possibly make this assertion?
And look at the physical evidence. Apart from some procedures in the UK circumcision is virtually unknown in Europe...Spain, France, Germany, the Nordic countries etc. Circumcision rates have dropped dramatically in New Zealand and Australia (where RIC was once the case). Yet the incidence of HIV+ is FAR less than in the United States where circumcision is widespread! Please explain!

Since you are in your late 60s, getting circumcised is your business.

But do not think that circumcision protects you from AIDS and HPV. What does protect you is your and your wife's fidelity to each other. Given that fidelity, circumcision is useless. Absent that fidelity, you both must use condoms when you stray.

The responsible decision is not altering the penis, but changing your culture so that marriage is taken very seriously. The American culture I grew up in a half century ago, viewed marital infidelity as one of the greatest of social evils. Women very seldom strayed, and married men sinned very occasionally, only with the greatest of discretion. In many walks of American life, the only opportunity for casual sex was with a prostitute. American prostitutes then, as now, usually insisted on condoms. Back in that day, many American women were still virgins when they graduated from university. Most Americans married by age 23 or so.

You did very well. Circumcision is a very responsible act and the only protection against cervical cancer - which is seriously minimized by a stable sexual relationship with a cut partner. I hope you made the right choice for your male children if you had any...