Maine Road

the name of Manchester City's original stadium, the new one where they have been since 2003 is now called the Etihad.
I have supported this football team all my life, My father grew up near Maine Road and use to tell us stories of him an his brothers , climbing onto the wall and watching them.My Grandfather supported them and his father, now my four grown up Kids go , and my Grandchildren.
My heart is always with them , and there success means a lot to me, although I would support them if they were in the bottom of the lowest league.
My Father died 11 years ago , he was in a coma for 4 years before his death after having a stroke. He loved City and I always think of him while I'm watching them. City sent a couple of players to visit him while he was in the hospital , and my Mum sat by his side and slept at the hospital for months , never leaving his side, She said ,what if he wakes up and there's no one there.
Well he didn't;t wake up and we were all devastated to lose such a wonderful father, I loved him so much , he was so strong , and always made me feel so safe and secure.
We buried his ashes on Maine Road , and the club have told us that all the ashes were moved to the memorial Garden at the Etihad.
So if you want to ask me why i support City , and why I have such a strong affinity for them , this is why .'' I'm City till I Die'' and so is my partner, I've had season tickets in the past , and I'm going to try and get some again .
LydiaRia LydiaRia
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Etihad our home :)

beautiful story.....your love and admiration for your father comes through