My Connection To Revolutionary Marxism

Several years ago I was contacted by a revolutionary marxist, Jerry G, who wanted to know if I was interested in joining the International Communist Current(ICC).  I said sure and he visited me in my Apt. bringing literature which he told me to read.  I did, and found the reason for the defeat of October occured because of the terrible mistakes made by Lenin and the Bolshevik Party in 1917-23.  This collapse of marxist theory/practice was partly occasioned by the invasion of the White Armies and partly due to the Party's origin in the 2nd International.  The building up of the "soviet state" also had the immediate and long lasting effect of acting as a counter-revolutionary damper on the international proletarian revolution.  This was derailed since advanced workers were confused as to why power and control was vested in a gigantic centralized state and not in the worker's soviet collectives as Marx and Lenin said should occur.  Bourgeois propaganda then had great effect in instilling in the workers minds,worldwide, that the Soviet Union was an autocratic state, keeping the workers under control from above both in the workplace and in running the country.  By the time of Stalin it had become the bastion of the Counter-Revolution.  Hence, the failure of the world proletarian revolution for the past 93 years.  Every "socialist revolution" since 1923 has brought forth a centralized stalinist state similar to what occured in Russia in 1917-23 with workers who are told what to produce at work and have to follow Party/State orders in their political lives.  Thus the revolutions in Russia China, Cuba and Eastern Europe produced State Capitalism not a transient workers state(to dissove into communism) or production run by factory committees but production under State control with one-man directorships in the factories. 
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Aug 6, 2010