I Support It Because Of The Alternatives

So I have been having some problems lately, I was sick... Strep throat, the flu, and severe sinus infection, all at once. As a result they thought I had Meningitis and therefore had a lumbar puncture (spinal tap). I have now developed a slipped disk in my back along with a pinched nerve, muscle spasms, and a lumbar strain along with severe tension headaches and my neck muscles have been binding up and hurting to the point I can't turn my head.

So get this, the first trip to the ER was for neck and headaches and extreme sensitivity to light and "crown" headaches, this is all a side affect of the lubmar puncture and my spine leaking and nausea. My pain level was an 8 out of ten. So they gave me Vicodin for pain, valium to loosen up my neck, and zofran for nausea... So I am given two addictive drugs, one which is an opiate (same class as morphine and heroin). Marijuana relieves pain, loosens muscles and relieves nausea and I'm thinking what the crap.

How are opiates so easily and readily prescribed but pot is illegal for medical use (not in my state but it doesn't seem to be prescribed and I wasn't about to ask)

So my next time in the ER a week later for my lower-mid back and bad spasms. This time they give me some morphine for the pain, 1 dose, they said "6" so I am assuming its 6 mg. It does absolutely nothing... at all, except take me on a few minute "ride" which is awful but the doc tells me thats what the junkies like, not so much for me. So they give me another full dose and seriously, nothing my pain was still at a constant 6 with spasms that go up to 9 an that would debilitate my breathing. My abdomen was tight and sore and my diaphragm was tight... and blah blah blah, I was in a lot of pain.

Then they gave me dilaudid, stronger that morphine, not as addictive (supposedly, thats what I read later), but doesn't last as long. that was a not a fun "ride" but it brought my pain down to a 4 so that was great. dilaudid is, as a nurse told me, just a step down from heroin. Heroin is never used in the states but is still use in the UK. ( I like in the states btw and am American)

So why do they through these opiates around like crazy but marijuana is illegal. I was given 3 doses of powerful opiates. I don't think pot would have done it for me, but right now I have 2 prescriptions of Vicodin, one is 5/325 ( that means 5 mg of Hydrocodone, which is the opiate, and 325 mg of acetaminophen) for 30 and another scrip for 20 Vicodin at a 7.5/750 (same thing as before) and two scrips for 15 each of 5mg Valium totaling 30. I am not supposed to drive a car so its like marijuana in that aspect.

So they throw around opiates like crazy and pot is illegal. I don't necessarily want to legalize dope all together... at least not yet.

but I have seen people who have serious problems, and I am talking about Cancer and the treatment of Chemotherapy. I have a young friend who had cancer tell me once, "chemotherapy isn't like injecting poison into you body, it IS injecting poison into your body." and causes vomiting, loss of appetite and severe pain. I hear that marijuana helps people a lot.

What I don't want is the California and their loose prescription of it for people with mild headaches and "supposed" pain, take a Motrin, geez. I would only want it for severe cases and to set up a protocol for it, but then again, I have been given at least three different opiates, strong ones, for the pain that are habit forming

So I would like to hear what others think also, please leave a comment.


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