By Any Means Necessary

Them MGTOW's first defector! Upon coming to his senses he sought immediate freedom and went to great lengths to rejoin society!

Vivagalore Vivagalore
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Damit I'm a Man I'm leaving!


any one who came to this story by way of youtube by jackbarnes... please be ware!!!!

he is a well known *** hole and he goes out of his way to hate on women/feminist here on exp proj, and any one else who he doesn't lik.

he made those video hoping to ruin the those women/feminst and men. jack feels powerless over his world, and he sees women as a threat to that delusional world he lives in.

he has called feminist *****, *****,******* and has threatened them and their families and friends by way of shot gun,many of the feminists here are in contact with authorities. due to jackbarnes aka knightrunner

he claims to have a wife and daughter but yet he spends all his free time on exp prog and avfm and youtube making videos about feminist he hates on.

Teehe! That's so cute. :)

Oh wow! This had me giggling for several minutes! I could not stop watching it!