Watkins Brothers Abducted From Canada To Poland

Alexander WATKINS (7 yrs) and Christopher WATKINS (4 yrs) were abducted by Edyta Ustaszewski Watkins (non-custodial mother) and her father, Tadeusz (Ted) Ustaszewski, during the weekend of March 6 2009, on a Court Ordered weekend access visit.  Edyta’s father, their maternal grandfather, Tadeusz (Ted) Ustaszewski had driven Edyta and my children across the border at Buffalo N.Y. on Sunday March 8, and that she and the boys had flown from Rochester N.Y to Germany via Detroit while Tadeusz (Ted) Ustaszewski returned back to Canada. 


She left Canada and entered the U.S. on a Canadian Passport that the Family Responsibility Office (FRO) in Ontario claims and reported verified was cancelled on January 26th 2009 (Suspension of Federal Licenses), 42 days prior to the abduction on March 8th, for lack of child support payments and my children flew out on Canadian Passports that I tried in vain to have removed by the Courts and Passport Canada. She then flew from Rochester, N.Y. and landed in Germany and was admitted on her “cancelled” passport along with the children’s passports which she had testified she didn’t have in court.



Its been over a year, we have not see or know of the whereabouts of Edyta, and my children Alexander or Christopher Watkins.

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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police - (877) 318-3576
Case Number: RCMP2009247848

or Interpol Quoting Case Ref: F-159/4-2009 completing form at http://www.interpol.int/public/mail/mail3.asp

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Aug 7, 2010